Obama, Dolan, Boehner, McConnell and Reid should embrace Jindal’s contraceptive plan to eliminate the HHS Mandate issue and get on with fiscal cliff negotiations.

by Doug Lawrence

OK. Artificial contraception is always morally wrong. So says the Catholic Church and so says the Creator God. Case closed!

Unfortunately, none of that is stopping the U.S. Government from supplying free contraceptives … many of them to be paid for by the Catholic Church … to anyone who wants them.

So … go ahead and make contraceptives cheaply available, over the counter, for anyone of legal age who chooses to use them. The onerous HHS mandate will be eliminated, those who choose to follow God’s law will be able to freely do so … and those who do not … will be free to deal with the (eternal) consequences.

Jindal’s plan is the best we’re likely to see, anytime soon.

Obama, Dolan, Boehner, and McConnell and Reid should jump on this … get it done … and use this compromise as a springboard for successful fiscal cliff negotiations, to come!