Does the Vatican website’s deletion of Pope Francis’ “unfortunate” 2nd interview mean every insipid defense of “there is no Catholic God” must go out the window; that all arguments defending the pope’s reference to the desire to convert others as “downright nonsense” must be spurned; and that all vapid defenses of “everyone has his own idea of good and evil” must be chucked?

This writer sincerely hopes so!

Two Italian astronauts orbiting on Space Shuttle prompt live papal interchange, blessing.

“Dear astronauts,” the pope began, speaking in English, from a desk at the Vatican, headquarters for the Roman Catholic Church. “I’m very happy to have this extraordinary opportunity to converse with you during your mission.

“Humanity is experiencing a period of extremely rapid progress in the face of scientific knowledge and technical applications. In a sense, you are our representatives spearheading humanity’s exploration of new spaces and possibilities for our future, going beyond the limitations of our everyday existence. We all admire your courage, as well as the discipline, commitment with which you’ve prepared yourselves for this mission.

“This conversation gives me the chance to express my own admiration and appreciation to you and also to collaborate in making your mission possible and to add my heartfelt encouragement to bring it to a safe and successful conclusion,” the Pope said.

Read more. See the video.

Seen on the web: The best clarification of the Pope’s alleged condom remarks yet.

A commenter on Steve Kellmeyer’s Blog points out:

There cannot be conception in homosexual acts; therefore, neither can there be contraception in homosexual acts. This is precisely the Pope’s point.

Editor’s note: The Pope used the example of a male prostitute, engaging in homosexual sex.

In the specific case Benedict cited, the issue of contraception and condoms is absolutely moot … since conception between homosexuals is physically impossible, in any case.

Hence, there is absolutely no change to the Catholic Church’s traditional teaching that PROHIBITS THE USE OF CONDOMS for CONTRACEPTIVE PURPOSES.

Similarly, the Catholic Church typically does not expressly prohibit the “creative use” of condoms or condom-like devices,  for totally non-sexual purposes that have nothing at all to do with contraception (i.e. props, waterproofing, water containers, balloons, certain non-sexual medical applications, etc.)

From a recent AP article:

“If a condom is used as a contraceptive, certainly it will be condemned by the church,” the Rev. Deogracias Yniguez of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines told the AP. “But to use it to avoid a disease in specific circumstances, the church can take another mindset.”

Editor’s note: Does anyone really think that Catholics who are already engaging in adulterous, homosexual, or other types of illicit sex are actually worried about condom use?