Cook County Circuit Court: Illinois State Constitution Includes “Right” to Abortion.

“More than fifteen years ago, with overwhelming bipartisan support, parental notice was supposedly made the law in Illinois, but as we sit here today, secret abortions on pregnant minors continue unabated,” said Peter Breen, Thomas More Society executive director and legal counsel.

Breen and TMS’s pro-life attorneys are appealing to a Supreme Court rule that allows transfer of cases to them directly when the “public interest requires prompt adjudication.” Without the Supreme Court’s intervention, the case will continue to be litigated in the First District of the Illinois Appellate Court, where they do not expect a decision for at least a year.

“With this motion to transfer, the Supreme Court has the opportunity to immediately and definitively decide the constitutionality of parental notice in Illinois,” said Breen.

Judge Daniel Riley of the Cook County Circuit Court dismissed the lawsuit brought against the Act by the American Civil Liberties Union this past March, ruling the Act constitutionally valid. While he viewed the 1970 Illinois State Constitution as including a right to abortion, he said the Act should stand since the Illinois right to abortion is not broader than the federal right, thereby allowing for certain restrictions.

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Pro-Life Action League in Illinois – Urgent Request

Pro-Life Action League

I urgently need you to call your state’s attorney TODAY to save
parental notification in Illinois
. Let me explain:

In 1995, the Parental Notification Act was signed into law, but the
abortion lobby has kept it tied up in court for more than 12 years!

Federal Judge David Coar recently refused to lift the injunction
that has kept the parental notification law from being enforced.

Judge Coar’s decision must be appealed BY THURSDAY, but that has to
be done by one of the state’s attorneys of Illinois.

So here’s what I’m asking you to do:

CALL the state’s attorney for your county TODAY and ask
him to INTERVENE on the parental notification lawsuit.

Here are the numbers for the larger northern counties:

COOK County: Richard Devine, 312-325-9200
DEKALB County: Ron Matekaitis, 815-895-7164
DUPAGE County: Joe Birkett, 630-407-8000
KANE County: John Barsanti, 630-232-3500
KENDALL County: Eric Weis, 630-553-4157
LAKE County: Michael Waller, 847-377-3000
MCHENRY County: Louis A. Bianchi, 815-334-4159
WILL County: James Glasgow, 815-727-8453
WINNEBAGO County: Philip Nicolosi, 815-319-4700

Remember, Judge Coar’s decision must be appealed BY THURSDAY.
Please call your state’s attorney RIGHT NOW to keep the parental
notification law from being a dead letter.

Yours for Life,

— Eric

P.S. Don’t forget the protest and seminar this Saturday, March 15:

Monthly Protest 9-10:30 at Planned Parenthood

Clinic Witness Seminar 11-1 at Village Baptist Church

Eric Scheidler
Communications Director
Pro-Life Action League
Tel: 630-896-1200
Pro-Life Action League,
6160 N Cicero Ave, Ste 600,
Chicago, IL 60646, USA