Did Mary really have a little lamb?


Q: Did Mary really have a little lamb?

A: Jesus, the Lamb of God.

As for Mary, her sanctity, and her perpetual virginity:

Leviticus 27:28  Any thing that is devoted to the Lord, whether it be man, or beast, or field, shall not be sold: neither may it be redeemed. Whatsoever is once consecrated shall be holy of holies to the Lord.


Why did Mary (Jesus’ mother) remain a virgin even though she was married?


Q: Why did Mary (Jesus’ mother) remain a virgin even though she was married?

A: Actually, there were quite a number of young virgins waiting for God to choose them to be the mother of the Messiah, but no one knew which of them it might be, or when.

It was not uncommon for young Jewish girls to be dedicated solely to God from a very young age, having taken a perpetual vow of virginity that would permit marriage, but not sexual relations.

Numbers, Chapter 30, makes specific provision for this, under the Mosaic Law.

Once confirmed in this course of action (perpetual virginity) no one, not even the husband, could ever contest it.

Take a look at this short slide show on the Virgin Mary, and you should be able to easily put all of this together for yourself:

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