In Illinois’ Democratic Supreme Court race, only Aurelia Pucinski is pro-life

Abortion is front and center in the Illinois Supreme Court race thanks to a federal court ruling Tuesday that gave the bipartisan, pro-choice Personal PAC a giant victory. And opened the way for unlimited fund-raising for pro-choice candidates.

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Gov. Pat Quinn provides a lesson in Illinois’ pay-to-play politics

He owes Personal PAC large. The group gave more than $400,000 in cash and in-kind contributions to Quinn’s campaign. It ran its own TV ad campaign at a critical time. Terry Cosgrove, head of Personal PAC, was appointed to a $46,960-a-year seat on the state’s Human Rights Commission.

The bishops’ criticism targets Quinn’s betrayal of his faith. My criticism is that Personal PAC is not just your average political action committee. It represents the most extreme political views about questions of life, and it’s every bit as extreme as it accuses the Catholic Church of being.

Personal PAC opposes common sense regulations that would allow parents to be notified if their child is set for an abortion. Not only do Americans strongly support such parental notification, but according to a Gallup poll that was updated Nov. 11, 71 percent favor laws requiring parental consent for juveniles, education about possible risks of an abortion (87 percent), a 24-hour waiting period (69 percent), a ban on partial-birth abortions in the last six months of pregnancy (64 percent) and that patients be shown a pre-abortion ultrasound. Answers are similar for both men and women. Pro-choicers of Personal PAC’s stripe oppose every one of them, arguing they cramp the “right to choose.”


Cardinal George can’t help parsing … parsing … parsing … making excuses … fixing blame.

by Doug Lawrence

Now, instead of standing his ground in the Pat Quinn/Personal PAC/Goodman affair, Cardinal George is blaming the Catholic Conference of Illinois for not giving him all the facts.

Let’s face it … this is the type of spineless behavior that let the Illinois abortion mess get so far out of hand, in the first place.

I can only imagine the elation of Pat Quinn and Terry Cosgrove, as they celebrated Cardinal George’s near total capitulation. They knew he would. The only question was “when”.

As for the Catholic Conference of Illinois … sorry guys … no good deed goes unpunished in the great, frighteningly liberal, Archdiocese of Chicago!

Cardinal George just threw you under the bus … again!   


Jennie Goodman’s rape has absolutely nothing to do with Governor Quinn’s support for abortion.

by Doug Lawrence

Now we have the Sun-Times interviewing Jennie Goodman, the alleged rape victim, and the poster girl for Personal PAC, the Governor’s pro abortion, Illinois activist group.

With writer Dave McKinney pulling all the strings and jerking all the tears, we learn about Goodman’s sad, sad story.

We also learn that her mother works for Personal PAC, and it is she who, along with Governor Quinn and director/chief strategist Terry Cosgrove, is primarily responsible for putting her daughter in this difficult situation.

Way to go, mom!

As for Cardinal George and the other bishops … its not their fault that Jennie Goodman got raped, turned to drugs, and later allowed herself to be set up and used by her own mother, Quinn, and Personal PAC, in order to provide cover for their continuing advocacy for the willful and wanton slaughter of innocent babies, in Illinois.

The bishops are speaking up for the babies, and that’s precisely what they ought to be doing.

In light of all this, it seems to me, the poor, not too bright, Goodman woman has already been “raped” not once, but several times … and it’s high time she started paying much closer attention to the kind of company she keeps!


Carol Marin opines over criticism of Quinn, mainly because it also applies to her.

In her Chicago Sun-Times article, Marin maintains, in-part:

Insufficiently respecting the role of women is a problem for the men who run the church.

The Vatican inquisition of American Catholic nuns comes immediately to mind. As does last year’s excommunication of Sister Margaret McBride by the bishop of Phoenix. Her crime was concluding, on the ethics committee of St. Joseph’s Hospital in Arizona, that only an abortion would save the life of a pregnant mother of four children.

As Margaret Steinfels, co-director of Religion and Culture at Fordham University, observed in the National Catholic Reporter in January, “A lot of people think the bishops haven’t the foggiest idea of what it means to be pregnant, or to be pregnant and sick, or to be pregnant and dying.”


Editor’s note: Carol Marin probably doesn’t remember the exact moment she sold out her Catholic faith for the cause of liberalism, but her article pretty much confirms it.

Not once does she mention the fact that “pro-choice” means giving license to people to willfully and wantonly slaughter innocent babies, that the men who run the church don’t need to be women to make critical moral judgments when it comes to things like abortion and murder, and that Sister McBride grievously erred in her professional judgment, because an abortion wasn’t necessary in that case, at all.

Marin also fails to mention that Personal PAC’s honoring the rape victim is merely a crass political ploy … payback for the “victim’s” willingness to act as a “poster girl” for Illinois abortion rights during Quinn’s campaign.

She (Goodman) wasn’t pregnant, and at this point, I’m beginning to doubt that she was actually raped! This IS after all, Illinois, the home state of Obama, Ryan, Resco, Blagoyevich, Daley, Durbin, and the Madigans. Stranger things have indeed, happened!

Making an emotional plea in the face of irrefutable facts to the contrary is a time-honored liberal tactic, one that works especially well in the Land of Lincoln. Marin knows that, and she has done it many, many times before, shilling for the powers that be.

If Marin or Quinn show up at my church and try to go to communion, they better bring their hand-picked, liberal, bought and paid for, Oak Park priest with them, because according to Canon 915 and Canon 212, there’s absolutely no reason why any Catholic should permit such an open, public scandal (and desecration) to take place.

A much more valid criticism of the bishops is that they’ve waited much too long to take scandalous Catholics like Marin, Quinn, Daley, Durbin, et al, to task.

When you let these guys get away with doing bad stuff for so long, their consciences get twisted, their hearts get hardened, they become emboldened, and it becomes almost impossible to correct them.

Just another example of widespread corruption and high-level stinkin’ thinkin’ in the Land of Lincoln!

Illinois Governor Quinn publicly admonished by Cardinal George about his support for abortion groups

“We deeply regret the governor’s decision to present this award, which so closely associates him with a political action group whose purpose is contrary to the common good,” the bishops’ statement said. “With this action, Gov. Quinn has gone beyond a political alignment with those supporting the legal right to kill children in their mother’s wombs to rewarding those deemed most successful in this terrible work.”


Editor’s note: Look for a coming op-ed piece from the likes of someone like Obama chief of staff William Daley, taking the Cardinal to task for this public rebuke.