Christian doctor explains: How to distinguish between natural disorders and the demonic.

In Dr. Rambally’s opinion, you first see what the person’s reaction is to the Name of Jesus (obviously, a demonic case will bring about a violent reaction). Demonized people — like the aforementioned woman — show supernatural strength (or knowledge).

The demonized will not repeat the Name of Jesus or read from Scripture. And while demon possession may pass from one person to another, mental illness usually does not. Meanwhile, a case of the demonic may involve the fingers twisting, when in fact a normal human can’t twist the fingers in such a way, sane or insane.

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Was Christ’s physical body resurrected from the dead or did He rise an immaterial spirit?

Q: Was Christ’s physical body resurrected from the dead or did He rise an immaterial spirit?

A: The resurrection was the supernatural transformation of Jesus’ physical body into a higher form of physical body that was compatible with both heaven and earth, and that could exist in the near presence of God.

Gnostics believe in a purely spiritual resurrection, not understanding that such a thing would be no resurrection at all.

Here’s what St. Augustine had to say about it:

“Christ demonstrated justice by His death, He promised power by His resurrection. What could be more just than to go as far as the death of the cross, for the sake of justice?

What greater act of power than to rise from the dead, and ascend to heaven with the very flesh in which He was slain?”

“First, justice conquered the devil, then power; justice, because Christ had no sin and was most unjustly put to death by the devil; power, because He lived again after death, never to die thereafter.”