Out of control homosexuals attack Catholic procession

The Christians rallied at St. Stephen’s Cathedral to conduct what they termed a ‘procession of prayerful atonement’ (“Sühnegebetzug”).  There was a processional crucifix, people praying the Rosary, and a priest in black cassock.  The atonement was for the homosexual rainbow parade Regenbogenparade”) taking place concurrently nearby.

The prayer procession was severely disrupted when the Christians were attacked by what amounted to a mob of screaming and chanting homosexual activists from the rainbow parade.  These had to be restrained by police, some of whom were special task force units, such as the WEGA, a special unit of the Austrian police in Vienna.  Canine units were also deployed, as well as a police unit equipped with shields and helmets.   One homosexual activist attacked the  prayer procession and tore up a sign which read: “Opposed to Homosexual Adoption for the Welfare of Children.”   This individual  was arrested by the police.

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Editor’s note: Much of this type of activity is demonic in nature. The disgusting video makes this startlingly clear.

G8 Summit change of venue was a purely political move, in this election year

by Doug Lawrence

The liberal Main Stream Media are baffled! Why would President Barack Obama suddenly decide to move the G8 Summit to Camp David, from his native Chicago?

Was it the Iranians? Al Qaeda? Has Osama Bin Laden threatened to come back from the dead and haunt the streets of Chicago? Did Mayor Rahm suddenly lose his nerve? Has Mrs. Obama scheduled another exotic vacation?

Heck no! It’s basic politics 101 … and if David Axelrod had let things go on much longer, President Obama might well have ended up looking like the late Mayor Daley, at the 1968 Democratic convention, when Chicago police clashed violently in the streets with demonstrators, as the whole world looked on.

A long chain of circumstances virtually guaranteed election disaster for Barack Obama if the G8 venue wasn’t changed:

Chicago is President Barack Obama’s home town.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and President Barack Obama have long been (politically) joined at the hip.

President Obama would necessarily be present in Chicago for the G8 Summit.

The Occupy Wall Street protesters are widely believed to be part of the Obama/Axelrod/Democratic Party political apparatus.

Any police action against the demonstrators while Obama was in town would reflect very badly on him, further weakening his base. If things got violent, President Obama could end up looking much like one of those Arab dictators!

There’s no telling how any or all of this would “play” on TV, even with the cooperation of the liberal media.

Better to move the Summit to Camp David and eliminate nearly all the uncertainties and political risks … especially during this election year. This is a real “no-brainer” … and one can only wonder why things weren’t moved, even sooner!

But the NATO Summit is still scheduled to be held in Chicago. Won’t that pose the same problems for our illustrious president?

Hardly! Our fearless leader will be a thousand miles away, his time and attention taken up with critical affairs of state. Emanuel alone will be responsible for the NATO Summit. Not the President!