Child sacrifice in 21st-century America

It was supposed to be a country in which women were liberated; it became a country in which women were ever more the victims of predatory and sexually irresponsible men, left alone with their “rights” to find a technological “fix” to the dilemma of unwanted pregnancy.

It was supposed to become a more humane country; it became a country in which morally coarsened pundits can describe as “extreme” and “weird” the faith-filled response of the Santorum family to the loss of a newborn shortly after birth.

It was supposed to be a country of greater equality; it became a country in which the fantasies of those who believed that America was for white Anglo-Saxon Protestants only, with emphasis on “white,” were realized beyond the wildest imaginings of the most crazed racists and eugenicists of the 1920s.

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Journalists and the Pedophile Smokescreen

By Trayce Hansen, Ph.D.

Here’s a question: Since most journalists know the definition of a pedophile, and therefore must realize that the vast majority of priests involved in the current sex abuse scandal don’t fit that definition, why do they persist in calling them pedophiles?

Let me offer an answer.

Most journalists purposely mislabel the abusive priests as pedophiles in order to create a smokescreen; their aim is to obscure the fact that most of these men are actually predatory homosexuals. Other journalists—a smaller subset—merely parrot the oft repeated phrase “pedophile priest”—without definitional consideration—and therefore participate only inadvertently in this obfuscation.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Perhaps we should start with a basic definition of pedophile. A pedophile is any adult who has a sexual desire for prepubescent children. Since most of the offending priests preyed sexually on teenage boys, they are not, by definition, pedophiles.

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