No one … not even the devil … had the power or the authority to harm the only begotten Son of God.

by Doug Lawrence

No one … not even the devil … had the power or the authority to harm the only begotten Son of God … let alone the sinless, totally innocent son of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Jesus is both.

Jesus acknowledged Satan as “The Prince of This World” … yet the power of the devil had very specific limitations:

Satan had absolute power over sinners … even unto death
but … Satan had absolutely NO power over the sinless!

Since he is God, Jesus was and is totally devoid of sin. Hence, Satan held absolutely no power over Jesus. Nothing!

John 14:30
I will not now speak many things with you.
For the prince of this world cometh:
and in me he hath not any thing.

The moment Satan set out to induce his willing minions … some of the Jews and Romans of that time … to crucify Jesus … Satan once again became subject to divine judgment. That judgment would be harsh, but fair:

John 12:31
Now is the judgment of the world:
now shall the prince of this world be cast out.

That is in fact, what happened. Satan had absolutely no authority over Jesus Christ. Rightly judged responsible for Jesus’ unjust crucifixion and death, Satan lost everything that he had earlier gained from Adam’s fall, and was left destitute.

His evil dominion now destroyed, Satan would remain a wanderer and a vagabond upon the earth, relying only on the weak and the confused, for any temporal power that he might manage to retain.

Since Jesus thoroughly pleased his Father, all that Satan lost (and more) was awarded to him. The risen and triumphant Jesus makes that exceedingly clear:

Matthew 28:18
And Jesus coming, spoke to them, saying:
All power is given to me in heaven and in earth.

Ever since … Jesus … the New Adam … King of Kings and Lord of Lords … and through him, the Catholic Church … has graciously offered salvation to every person of every generation … as he will continue to do … until he comes again in glory, on the Last Day.

Such was the main point of the life of Christ on earth,
and such is the continuing mission of the Catholic Church.

Simple enough? Thank God!

Deep insights into the personal motivation of Satan, the devil

Lucifer, she remarked, was not the most exalted of the angels, but rather Princeps of those lower three ranks of angels who were responsible for the cosmos. He was properly the “Prince of This World,” commissioned to work out its good in original creation, particularly of man in “the gaiety of love.” When he sinned, he rejected the position to which he was assigned. “Lucifer…never preformed the beneficent ministry for which he was destined.”

Raïssa Maritain says of Lucifer, in words on which we can well meditate: “Himself seduced by the fullness of his native gifts, he is the first of those who, until the end of time, will choose the finite present rather than the infinite to come. He preferred, and still prefers, hell to the alms of grace. Author of despair! Prince forever of illusory independence!”

That is a remarkable insight into the mind of Lucifer. It is not unlike Lucifer’s dealing with Michael the Archangel in Raymond Dennehy’s novel Soldier Boy. Lucifer, the bearer of light, prefers the “finite present” to the “infinite to come.” This preference is the modern mind, which, as Leo Strauss said, is based on a rejection of eternity.

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How did Satan go from being the adversary-fulfilling a vital function, to being the big Bad?

Q: How did Satan go from being the adversary – fulfilling a vital function, to being the big Bad?

A: Perhaps you failed to notice …

About 2000 years ago … Satan … the prince of this world, at the time … used his willing minions … the Jews and the Romans … to take the life of the innocent and sinless Jesus, who is the only begotten Son of God.

Nobody … not even the devil … has the right to take the life of a sinless man … let alone the only Son of God.

That ought to do it … by ANY standard!