Website updates at Pro-Life Tube

As the oldest social network for life, we believe that it was time to improve on it with tools that will help the member make a difference in the lives of others. Read up on the new format of the site below and what you can do with these great tools:

Members – contact other members or update your own page

Resources – a socially updated life solutions list in order to help those in need (send us your solution from that page)

Blogs – Read blogs or make your own, share hope through your own story

Media – Post or experience videos, podcasts and photos

Talk – Get a conversation going, share hope and make a difference with a group through forums, testimonials and FAQs

Shop – Support this small website by shopping at the Pro-Life Shop – great shirts and other stuff

Thank you for coming to the site and let’s make this the place everyone can come to for hope.

Blessings and enjoy the new site,

The Pro-Life Tube Team

New video site: Pro-Life Tube

The pro-life videos that were banned by You Tube!

Visit the site

Pro Life Tube – New Website for Pro-Lifers

To all you great pro-life people– If you are looking for a pro-life community site, to find news and to “talk” with other pro-lifers, please visit LayneMcDonald, with United for Life Foundation, in Birmingham, has worked hard to make this an effective site!

Submitted by Doria2