Peoria Diocese Mum on U of I Catholic Professor’s Firing/Speech/Religious Oppression.

While ignored by most of the liberals, still Howell has become a conservative cause celebre as he fights for true academic freedom at the University of Illinois where until June 30 he was teaching a course dedicated to exposition of Catholic thought.

I know him well; have had him speak at Chicago Legatus and Catholic Citizens of Illinois; like him immensely and can testify he is the world’s most unlikely guy to trigger a statewide furor and which possibly may detonate a national one for religious freedom. In his presentations, he is as precise but as clearly unequivocal as the late theologian Fr. John Hardon SJ.

Here are the circumstances of Ken Howell’s being fired for expressing clearly and without reservation the traditional Catholic view on homosexuality at a public university that illustrates its scorn for of academic freedom and freedom of religious exercise—as well as the Peoria diocese’s abject cowardice, fleeing controversy by neglecting defense of the Faith one would expect it to protect.


University of Illinois loves radical William Ayers, fires Catholic professor for teaching truth about homosexuality.

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