Neo-Pagan fantasy: A New Age beyond right and wrong

The term New Age refers to the imminent astrological era, the Age of Aquarius, expected to commence around 2070, and of no intrinsic significance to anyone except stellar cartographers. Yet the coming era is eagerly anticipated by disillusioned folks looking forward to a new age of enlightenment, freedom and the “sacred feminine” (Wiccans worship a “triple Goddess” associated with the various phases of the Moon). The Age of Pisces, in which we currently live, spans the whole of the Christian era, and many New Agers believe the passing of the Age of Pisces will coincide with the end of Christianity and patriarchalism.

A number of pseudo-Christian churches have sprung up in the US since the late 1800s promoting New Thought philosophies. The most popular of these is Unity, whose teachings embrace an emasculated form of Christianity in which Jesus is merely a “master teacher of universal truths”, and whose main emphasis is on spiritual healing. A real danger of this philosophy is that people with serious medical problems are often inspired to put their faith solely in unscientific methods such as positive affirmations and energy healing.

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