Oh, Canada! Government Minister of Education claims that a Catholic school must be ‘open’ to teach for a few hours during class that Jesus could very well be just another mythical figure.

Loyola High School will appeal a decision by Quebec’s Court of Appeal that forces the Jesuit-run school for boys to cease teaching its Catholic course on religion and morality and switch to the “secular” and “neutral” Ethics and Religious Culture course (ERC) provided by the province’s government.

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‘Brain dead’ Quebec woman wakes up after family refuses organ donation

DROMMONDVILLE, Quebec, July 5, 2011 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Last week, Madeleine Gauron, a Quebec woman identified as viable for organ donation after doctors diagnosed her as “brain dead,” surprised her family and physicians when she recovered from a coma, opened her eyes, and began eating.

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Outspoken homosexual priest throws a temper tantrum

By Patrick B. Craine

JOLIETTE, Quebec, July 9, 2010 (LifeSiteNews.com) – “I do not accept being judged by idiots of your temper,” wrote the infamously pro-abortion and homosexualist Fr. Raymond Gravel this week in response to a concerned fellow Catholic.

“Keep your nonsense to yourself!” the priest added.

The LifeSiteNews (LSN) reader, described by friends as a mild-mannered professor, had sent an e-mail to Fr. Gravel’s bishop, Gilles Lussier of Joliette, after a report Tuesday that the priest is scheduled to train catechists and others at the Cathedral in the coming months. The diocese apparently forwarded the e-mail to Fr. Gravel.

“If you have information to request, ask for it from the people concerned,” Fr. Gravel wrote in French.  “As the Catholic faith is a free faith, it is the Gospel that says it, I do not see how people are forced to take my courses.”

The reader replied and thanked Fr. Gravel for his response, assuring the priest of his prayers.

“You can keep your prayers for yourself,” Fr. Gravel retorted.  “Pray for yourself; you need more than anyone…I pity you!”

From Lesbian Atheist to Stay-at-Home Mother of Six: Quebec Journalist Tells Her Story

I’ve deliberately avoided posting an excerpt from this story because the entire article is so important.

It successfully illustrates the sad state
many of us find ourselves in these days,
yet gives hope to all that we can still overcome
and triumph, through God’s love and his grace,
in cooperation with his church.

If that’s not an authentically Christian inspirational message,
than nothing is!

Read the amazing conversion story

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Quebec Life Coalition

Heterosexuality: A New Hate Crime

The two examples should not come as a surprise, given where they originated. Canada and the UK have been world leaders in pushing a politically correct, pro-homosexual agenda, complete with government sanction. The first case has to do with a government proposal in Quebec to stamp out politically incorrect thinking on the issue of homosexuality.

It comes in the form of the “Quebec Policy Against Homophobia” released by Quebec’s Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Kathleen Weil. Journalist Drew Zahn explains. The policy is aimed at “eliminating all forms of ‘homophobia’ and ‘heterosexism’ – including the belief that homosexuality is immoral – from society as a whole.

“The text and specifics of the policy are steeped in vague bureaucratic language about ‘coordination’ and ‘synergy,’ but the goal is spelled out clearly: to enlist the government to normalize homosexuality in society and to quell common criticisms levied against ‘sexual minorities,’ a term the policy uses to inclusively describe ‘lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals and transgenders.’

“‘An inclusive society such as ours must take the necessary steps to combat homophobic attitudes and behavior patterns and move towards full acceptance of sexual diversity,’ states the Premier of Quebec Jean Charest in a letter that serves as the policy’s introduction. ‘The policy sets out the government’s goal of removing all the obstacles to full recognition of the social equality of the sexual minorities, at all levels of society.’ The policy further defines the heterosexism that must be stomped out as ‘affirmation of heterosexuality as a social norm or the highest form of sexual orientation.’

“Furthermore, the policy laments, ‘It is still possible to hear people say that homosexuality is an illness, morally wrong or a form of deviant behavior, and that people choose their sexual orientation. These beliefs, often instilled in the past, tend to marginalize sexual minority groups and prevent full recognition of their social equality.’ Such ‘prejudice,’ the policy affirms, must be combated.”

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Quebec’s Quiet Revolution (Almost No Marriage, Few Kids)

Quebec’s Quiet Revolution (Almost No Marriage, Few Kids)
by Charles Colson
March 12, 2008

One of our [readers] recently told us a story that was both fascinating-and disturbing. Her name is Tessa Littlejohn. She is a flight attendant who lives in Ontario. Tessa recently worked with another flight attendant from Quebec, whom I will call Cecile. As they worked, Cecile told Tessa all about her boyfriend, Gerard. Cecile was wearing a ring on her left hand, so Tessa asked her if she was engaged. Cecile blushed. “Actually,” she said, “Gerard and I have been married for two years.”

Then why on earth was she calling Gerard her “boyfriend”? Because, Cecile explained, no one in Quebec gets married anymore. If she referred to Gerard as her husband, Cecile said, “I would sound like an old lady. It would feel too weird.”

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