Obama “bombs” twice and “bottoms out” once (so far) in UK visit

Mr Obama was toasting the Queen when the orchestra misunderstood a pause in his speech and believed he was giving them a queue to begin playing the British National Anthem.

‘Ladies and gentlemen, please stand with me and raise your glasses as I propose a toast,’ Mr Obama said as he picked up his glass. ‘To her majesty the Queen.’

As he paused, the orchestra began to play and he continued speaking over the music.

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Editor’s note: The President is probably suffering from untreated Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, resulting from his grueling battle with Osama bin Laden. Or perhaps it was simply the absence of an available teleprompter.

Tom Roeser: Obama not invited to royal wedding because Queen wasn’t invited to D-Day ceremony.

Writing about the British Royals:

What is there about Americans who feel their lives are incomplete unless they learn about these rascal liberal maleducated wastrels?

The only good thing they did….and I imagine it was done collectively…was to nix our own royal, mysterious Half Breed African Prince to William and Kate’s wedding—suffice it for returning the bronze bust of Winston Churchill and his illiterate veto of the invitation to Queen Elizabeth to the ceremony for D-Day failing to appreciate that of all world leaders in power on June 6, 1944 she alone survives.

This ignoble breach shows that this fraud we have in the White House is really the ignoramus we thought he was  all along…