Some Floridians don’t like the face of abortion shown in Randall Terry’s TV spots. Will they get the point about not voting for Barack Obama, the abortion president?


See the ads that have created the controversy and the comedy video: “Samuel L. Jackson, The New Uncle Tom.”


Pro-life leader Randall Terry’s son dies in car accident

December 1, 2011 ( – In an e-mail this morning, pro-life leader Randall Terry informed supporters that his eldest son, Jamiel, had died in a tragic car accident yesterday.

Terry said that the accident took place at around 7 am. eastern time, and involved a head-on collision. “The three passengers in the other car were injured in varying degrees, but the police told me they will all be ok,” he wrote.

“We are all in a state of shock, and unthinkable grief. I loved him dearly; we all did.”

“I beg you for your prayers for our family, and I beg you to pray for the mercy of God, and the eternal rest of Jamiel’s soul.”

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Randall Terry: Democratic Candidate for President of the United States (and He’s 100% Pro Life)

“Intolerance is a beautiful thing! The Prophet Elijah…intolerant of Jezabel; The Apostle Paul…intolerant of Witchcraft Books; Thomas Jefferson…intolerant of King George III; George Washington…intolerant of British Troops; Frederick Douglas…intolerant of Slavery; Susan B. Anthony…intolerant of Only Men Voting; Amy Carmichael…intolerant of Child Prostitution; Detrich Bonhoeffer…intolerant of Anti-Semitism; Winston Churchill…intolerant of Hitler; Martin Luther King, Jr…intolerant of Segregation; Lech Walesa…intolerant of Communism; Mother Teresa…intolerant of Abortion.” -Randall Terry

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“Let us set aside business and fall on our knees in thanksgiving to God, for he has given our fleet a great victory.”

Battle of Lepanto – 1571

Pro Life leader Randall Terry (in is own, inimitable fashion) has also recently been confronting the Muslim problem, head-on.

In a recent post, Mr. Terry reminds us of the fact that in various moments of history, Christians stood against Islam (such as in the battle of Lepanto, or the battle at the gates of Vienna); others gave illustrations such as St. Boniface chopping down the Oak of Thor, clearly making the point that Christianity, at points, IS (and indeed, must be) confrontational!

Read all of Mr. Terry’s post here, and then please take a few minutes to read about some of the most significant Christian historical events of all time, which may provide you with a fresh understanding of the problems faced today, by our modern, western civilization.

Randall Terry and his pro-life team need some help with finances

Dear pro-life friend,

I hate writing a letter of this nature.

As you can guess, I have members of the press, pro-abortion activists, and “pro-life” people who wish us ill read my letters, besides genuine pro-life advocates and supporters.

I do not want to give our adversaries fodder to use against us. But I don’t see any other option right now besides praying, and telling our friends (and unfortunately our enemies) our situation.

We have six full-time people our team here in Washington DC. One of them gets a little bit of money for bookkeeping, the rest of them are missionaries. In addition to them, we have about 5 small groups we work with.

None of them, or I, get paid for what we do.

We work every day — usually six days a week — from 10 to 14 hours a day. (People take breaks and vacations when they need them.)

Everyone is supported financially by friends, family, small part-time jobs, and by kind people who bring over a meal or buy Chinese food.

We literally live hand to mouth.

But if you look at what we have done in the last month, or the last six months, or the last year — going all the way back to our seven week tour at Notre Dame — it is amazing what this “band of warrior poets” has been able to do by the grace of God and enormous hard work, long hours, and sacrifice.

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Randall Terry takes the pro-life movement to the woodshed

Telling the Truth:

We are Losing

As the record shows, I have begun discussing certain “pro-life groups,” pro-life “leaders,” and pro-life “talkers” who use words and deeds – and more often, who fail to use certain words and deeds – that have resulted in the slow, steady defeat of the pro-life cause, and the brutal murder of millions more children.

In the battle to keep Kagan off the Supreme Court we have seen – with chilling transparency – that most pro-life groups and “leaders” did little or nothing to try and stop her. They raised money; they whined; they talked; but they did little or nothing to stop her. And now she and the child killers are victorious in this battle.

To make matters worse, false analysts declare – at this very moment of shame and defeat – that we are “winning”. What follows is an example.