Send Randall Terry and his Washington, D.C. Pro-life team some money for rent

I Want You to Meet our Team of Warriors
from the “St. George Barracks.”

St. George Barracks residents
(from left to right: Andrew, Joseph, Gary, Ed)

These fine men are the “cream of the crop”!

Please keep them in your prayers
and help them if you can with the rent…

Dear Pro-life Friend:

Greetings in the Blessed Name of Jesus.

Many people wonder how we accomplish as much as we do on such a limited budget.

The answer is simple: an all-star team!

I’m going to introduce you to the four men who live in the “St. George Barracks,” who are full-time missionaries in this fight. None of them get paid for this heroic work — they are all missionaries, usually living from hand to mouth!

It is an honor to have each of them on this team…

Meet Ed Faddoul – Ed is over 70 years young! Ed is a Ph.D. in Bio chemistry; he had many years experience dealing with foods and biology; for 12 years he taught at the college or university level; he is still active in the Coast Guard auxiliary, and once participated on a Presidential Detail on a Mississippi river cruise. He is committed to spending the rest of his days to overturning Roe and ending child-killing in America. He relocated here from Wisconsin to join our team.

Ed is a tireless worker, an articulate thinker and speaker, and a servants servant. What a blessing and honor to have him on this team!

Meet Gary Boisclair – Gary joined our team in the fall, and moved here from Hawaii. How’s that for a sacrifice! He is 42 years old; he has a BA in philosophy, and a Masters Degree in education; he has two teaching certifications, and was a schoolteacher for over 10 years in two states, in both public and private schools. He has done extensive evangelistic work for 15 years in many places in the “lower 48” — as well as Hawaii and Canada. He’s a great speaker and has led many retreats and Bible studies.

He is a gifted actor, great with brainstorming, and is committed to ending child-killing. He recently led a very successful (and highly covered in the press) demonstration against President Obama in Hawaii. He is an incredible asset for this team!

Meet Joseph Henry Landry – Joseph joined the team in the summer of 2007. He will be 29 on May 27. I asked Joseph for a paragraph with biographical material: this is what he sent me!

– Family resides in Billings, MT and Lawrence, KS; Tom, Mary, Elizabeth, Margaret, Patrick

– BA in Theology and Philosophy, certificate in Pre-Theology and Leadership Training, 8 credits shy of a minor in Latin

– 12 years boy scouts, earned Eagle Scout

– 12 years football and wrestling, all conference middle linebacker, US Marine Distinguished Athlete Award, Montana State wrestling champion, Dirt Fest ’00 rock climbing champ

– 6 years experience playing trombone and baritone in 2 jazz bands, 3 concert bands, and 2 city wide orchestras

– 4 years construction work

– 2 years teaching at an all-boys school in Hawaii

– 2 years teaching catechism and confirmation at diocesan level

– 6 years youth ministry

– 8 years as a missionary, 10 states, 4 countries

– Arrested 7 times for peaceful pro-life activism:

Giuliani campaign office sit-in, NH; St. Petersburg Cathedral literature drop, FL; Baltimore Basilica literature drop, MD; Arlington Cathedral literature drop, VA; DNC sit-in, CO; Notre Dame pray-in, IN; Sotomayor hearing interruption, DC

– 3 weeks trailing Giuliani’s campaign in Florida (preaching at every stop on the campaign.)

– 1 month in Denver protesting DNC

– 8 weeks in South Bend leading activists

– 2 months college campus speaking tour

– 2 trips to Rome begging for canon 915 to be enforced

– Webmaster for 8 prolife activist websites

– Maintained at least $20,000 in debt for 5 years running

– 3 years without a girlfriend

– Watched over 1200 movies

– Hairline receding

– Living epic

Joseph has a good sense of humor; he is ready to confront child-killing at every turn; and has a booming voice when needed!

Meet Andrew R. Beacham – Andrew joined our team in the summer of 2009; he moved from Elkhart, Indiana. Andrew is 27 years old; he is six credit hours away from a BA in fine arts, with minors in music and psychology.

At home in Indiana he was involved with local church ministry for years, serving as a Sunday school teacher, a counselor at vacation Bible school, a volunteer at sports camps, a member of a drama team, a singing group, and was even a puppeteer at his church. In high school, he studied commercial photography at a technical school and received certification.

He is now a missionary for the babies in Washington DC. He is a bold preacher in the streets; he does most of our video work, and has preached to President Obama on two occasions – while millions heard him on TV or the radio!

The Rent is Due! Can you help?

Frankly, I could go on and on about each of these men. I know in the depths of my being that for child killing to be made illegal again in our country, men of this caliber and courage are indispensable in this battle.

But even courageous warriors need a roof over their head… and the utilities have to be paid!

They share a house together with a $2,000 a month rent, plus utilities.

The rent was due on April 1, and has not been paid yet for the simple reason that the funds are not here.

I’m asking you with all my heart to give a gift to help pay for April’s rent for the “St. George Barracks.” Your donation will help enable these men to continue fighting full-time here in our nation’s capital.

Click here to donate.

If you give $50 or more, as a thank you we’ll send you my new 14 television series: Insurrecta Nex: The History, Philosophy, and Theology of Social Revolution in America.

In addition to all 14 episodes (on DVD), we’ll send you five copies of the student workbook and one copy of the teacher’s manual.

This is a “must see” series that is getting rave reviews from pro-lifers all over the country. Most people who see it stated that they had never seen anything like it. This I know: if we will learn from the lessons of social revolutions in the past, we can effectively crushed legalized child killing in our lifetime.

So, if you can help my fellow warriors with the rent, it will be a huge help. If your gift is $50 or more, we will send you this inspirational and life-changing series.

If you are interested, you can see a couple of snippets of the shows at

I thank you in advance for your help, and for your prayers for Ed, Gary, Joseph, and Andrew. They are a dread to the child killers; pray that God keeps them strong and safe!

Click here to donate to the St. George Barracks rent.

God bless you, and long life to you.

Randall Terry

Randall Terry says Archbishop Wuerl covers for pro-abortion Catholic politicians

In open opposition to the Vatican directive, Archbishop Wuerl and dozens of other U.S. bishops – including prominent prelates such as Cardinal Sean O’Malley of Boston and Cardinal Francis George of Chicago – say that the local bishop can decide whether or not to withhold Communion from those responsible for abortion. Some say the decision depends on “pastoral style;” others claim they are trying not to “politicize Communion.” After the excuses are proffered, they proceed to give the blood of Christ to those whose hands are covered with the blood of babies.

Our question to Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone and other church leaders in Rome was simple: “Who is right? Cardinal Ratzinger, or Archbishop Wuerl? They cannot both be right.”

Archbishop Wuerl has tried to write himself a “pass,” stating that these errant Catholic politicians are the problem of the bishops of their home dioceses and are merely guests in his archdiocese. However, His Excellency is the chief shepherd of the territory assigned to him and the chief presider of the Eucharist. He is therefore canonically responsible for what happens in his diocese regarding those who approach to receive the Eucharist.

We told our Vatican hosts that the fruit of Archbishop Wuerl’s “collegial treachery” is that the teaching of the church is marginalized, the murder of babies is minimized and Holy Communion is trivialized. The message sent is that killing babies isn’t so bad; Holy Communion isn’t so sacred.

Read the entire article


A ‘cultural axis of evil’


“The child-killing movement and the ‘homosexual marriage’ movement have formed an unbreakable bond – a ‘cultural axis of evil’ – because they both spring from the same root: the rejection of God’s Law and Natural Law concerning human sexuality and procreation’.” – Randall Terry

Watch the video

“Red Mass” in Washington DC on 10/4 will draw anti-abortion protests

Red Mass and Abortion: On October 4, 2009, DC area Pro-life advocates will be present outside St. Matthew’s Cathedral Before the annual “Red Mass” to plead with Judges and Politicians to protect unborn babies from murder. Randall Terry states: “This Red Mass is a beautiful prayer for Justice to reign with judges and statesmen; but in practice it is a mockery, because many of those attending help kill innocent babies by the millions.”
Dateline City: Washington DC
Source: Randall Terry, Director Operation Rescue Insurrecta Nex
Contact: Catherine Veritas, 703-538-2325
Time and Location: 9:00 A.M., Sunday October 4, 1725 Rhode Island Ave NW, Washington DC.

DC Area Pro-life leaders Randall Terry, Missy Smith, and Dick Retta will be joined by a large group of pro-life advocates outside of St. Matthew’s Cathedral to call attention to the 50,000,000 babies who have been murdered by “surgical abortion” in America since 1973.

Moreover, these Catholics will focus on Canon 915, which specifically forbids Catholics who are in public scandal – such as Catholic politicians who support child-killing by abortion – from receiving the Holy Eucharist.

Randall Terry states: “This Red Mass is a beautiful call to pray for Justice amongst judges and statesmen; but in many ways it is a mockery, because many of those attending help kill innocent babies by the millions. While some attend with great devotion, others scoff at Christ by their actions, and commit sacrilege by receiving the Body and Blood of Christ while they hold a knife to the throat of the unborn.

“Perhaps Jesus weeps with grief for the babies, His Church, and for the souls of those men and women who dare to approach His Altar while continuing to kill His precious children.”

Note: Pro-life advocates DO NOT have plans or intentions of disturbing the mass. They will speak to attendees as they enter and exit the mass, hold up signs of aborted babies, and signs specific to those attending the Mass.
Go to to learn more of what we do.

A suggestion from Randall Terry on House Bill 3200 (Obamacide Health Care)

Congressman Moran insisted that (federal) money would not pay for child-killing by abortion. This is a lie.
If Obama and Pelosi and Dean want us to believe them, there is something really simple they could do:
Obama, Dean, and Pelosi can prove they do not want child-killing by abortion in HR 3200; all they have to do put in the bill: ‘The Hyde Ammendment will remain in full force, and no public moneys will be used to pay for elective abortion.’ And, ‘No insurance carriers will be mandated to cover elective abortion.’ And, ‘Nothing in this bill guarantees the right to an abortion, nor equates women’s reproductivve health care needs to abortion.’ When they become explicit in the bill – like they are about coverage for illegal aliens – we will believe them. Until then, they are lying when they say this bill will not fund abortion.

I beg you to contact your Congressman, and urge him/her to add this type of language. Until they do, we can be assured that this bill will be the joy child of the Angel of Death. White House Switchboard: 202-224-3121 (Tell the operator where you’re from and they will connect you.)

Finally, if you like what we are doing, please give a gift as a show of support. The sumer months have been very difficult – and we are about out of funds. Go to to give a gift. (GIfts are not tax-deductible.)

Please keep us in your prayers.

Randall Terry

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Left-wing Jesuits at America have finally “lost it”


According to the editors of America Magazine:

Four steps are necessary for the U.S. church to escape the strengthening riptide of sectarian conflict and re-establish trust between universities and the hierarchy. First, the bishops’ discipline about speakers and awards at Catholic institutions should be narrowed to exclude from platforms and awards only those Catholics who explicitly oppose formal Catholic teaching. Second, in politics we must reaffirm the distinction between the authoritative teaching of moral principles and legitimate prudential differences in applying principles to public life. Third, all sides should return to the teaching of the Second Vatican Council and Pope Paul VI that in politics there are usually several ways to attain the same goals. Finally, church leaders must promote the primacy of charity among Catholics who advocate different political options. For as the council declared, “The bonds which unite the faithful are mightier than anything which divides them” (“Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World,” No. 92).

Editor’s note: What are these guys smoking?

Here’s my four steps: 1) Keep those who advocate immoral and non-Catholic political and/or religious positions OUT of Catholic universities, no matter WHO they might be and no matter with whom they might be associated. 2) Keep those who advocate positions contrary to the authentic teachings of the Catholic Church (ESPECIALLY POLITICIANS and Professors) as far away from Catholic universities as possible. 3) Religion is not politics. Abortion is not health care. Universities should prepare students to be able to tell the difference. Christ demands that we Catholics know the truth and stand up for it … on campus or off. 4) Sometime, loving one’s neighbor means engaging in fraternal correction … especially when it comes to fundamental issues like abortion. Students need to know that there is no common ground between life and death. Both are absolute opposites. Charity demands that Catholics choose life, without reservation.

The guys at America should know better! Abortion remains primarily an ethical and moral issue that has so far claimed the lives of nearly a third of today’s under thirty population.

Abortion is no more a political issue than the Holocaust was, during World War II. Abortion remains the greatest moral evil of our times.

Pro-death politicians and the editors of America would LIKE us to believe that abortion is a political issue, but many of us are simply NOT that stupid! Abortion is a totally immoral act that just happens to have been temporarily decriminalized by a corrupt government.  But it will not stand, forever.  

Until then, we fight.

Want dialogue? Stop the killing. Then we can talk!

Read their editorial

Aupport the Randall Terry FAX appeal against abortion in the Obamacide health care bill


FAX EVERY US House Member at their HOME OFFICE While They are on Recess! 

 The Cost is only 15 ½ Cents per fax!

We have created an incredible tool for your use. You can send a personal FAX to every single member of the U.S. House of Representatives for only .14 cents each; that’s $67.43 to send a FAX from you to every single member.
Right now, both the good guys and the scoundrels are all back home, meeting with constituents, having town hall meetings, and taking some vacation. Reach every Member now!
They are in their HOME OFFICE – and we have the FAX NUMBER for every House Member’s home office! We can FAX them letters by the thousands!
I implore you – RAISE YOUR VOICE against this evil. Tell EVERY U.S. HOUSE MEMBER in America what you think about this damnable legislation.
Write your Own Letter – Or Use the One we Provide!
You can use the letter we have written – and sign your name – or YOU CAN WRITE YOUR OWN LETTER! And it will only take you a few minutes.
If you sent a letter to every member by US Mail, it would cost you well over $250, and take you at least a day of labor.
If you sent a FAX to every Member from a UPS store, it would cost you $1.00 each – $435.00 for all of them, and a heck of a lot of time!
So, we made it easy and efficient and VERY INEXPENSIVE to send a FAX letter to EVERY MEMBER at the same time! 
In a matter of minutes, you can reach EVERY SINGLE MEMBER for only 15 ½ cents each – for a total of $67.43. obamacare/allreps.htm

We know from history that evils and injustices take direct confrontation and sacrifice to be defeated.
So…come out swinging. Let your solemn – and angry – voice be heard today. Use our letter, or write your own, but no matter what – tell them YOU WILL NOT BE A PART OF MURDERING THE INNOCENT.
God bless you.
And God help us to erase legalized child-killing from the face of the earth – starting here in America.

Randall Terry


FAX every House Member right now!