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Reader Paul comments on “Those in danger of death are presumed to be repentant…”

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“Those in danger of death are presumed to be repentant…”

Paul writes:

We are all quite damnable sinners and our life style and actions may be far less than we hope them to be. As death approaches perhaps we should be in terror of our eternity especially if we think about God and his judgment upon our wretched selves.

It is not that I disagree with this point. Indeed it is strangely comforting to remember that God is All Just and everything we do we shall be called to account for. Many wicked people would do well to tremble at this thought and perhaps the fear of eternal damnation may allow grace into their hearts before it is too late. After Death it will certainly be too late to repent and if a soul refuses grace all its life and at death spits hate upon whatever grace is offered its fate may be what it desires. As C.S.Lewis noted; “hell is a door locked from the inside”.

Nevertheless, we should not be afraid of our final judgment. Rather we should welcome it and go blithely to Our Lord. That is not because we are mentally deranged but as Christians we believe in something even greater than Judgment . . . We believe in Hope.

This virtue comes not from what we do not know but from what we do know.

It is about knowing that God is Love and essentially is revealed by Jesus as a God of infinite mercy and compassion. Hence the thief on the cross asks “Jesus remember me when you go into your kingdom“. The response of Jesus is one of sublime mercy when he promises the thief eternal salvation that very day. It is not that the thief has asked for repentance because he fears final annihilation but because he dares hope that this man crucified beside him so unjustly is a king after all.

And if the Gospels are Good News then we must recall what they are good news about? That Jesus understands us and seeks out the company of sinners rather than condemning us and blasting us into oblivion because of this or that action.

Mortal sin is constantly being re-evaluated by the Catholic Church. We simply do not understand the eternal consequences of any temporal act. There are some actions that are heinous and these are universally abhorred. Yet our understanding of these has and does change in time because we are creatures of time and place. For example, Abortion is a horrible sin but not all people that have had an abortion are of equal guilt because time and sense make the individual culpable or less so. The act is monstrous but individuals take greater or lesser part by their understanding. Again for example, suicide used to be considered always a mortal sin but today we are more gentle in our understanding that we simply do not know the reasoning or intelligence of a person that takes their own life. It would be insensitive and immoral for us to dismiss the hope of paradise because of any action of which we are ignorant of the full story.

Instead we have come to understand that God is not about Judgment but about infinite understanding, kindness, gentleness, mercy. Our hope is therefore that our loving father whom knows us intimately will forgive us more often then we fall, prostrate with our own stupidity.

All people of good will are potentially redeemable and it is the will of Our Lord that we shall be saved and not condemned.

When we see the Sacred Heart of Jesus we are told that he loves us beyond all reason or rational consideration. The Sacred Heart does not require us to offer a prayer in word, a simple longing look for example is enough to bring grace of salvation upon us. We will never earn Paradise but Jesus gives us his everything so that we can obtain it. It is Love that we face at death and it will require us to open before it every window in our soul. We can never escape Gods justice and his final judgment upon us but as Christians we must not be afraid to embrace his Love. If we can do this then we believe that Salvation is assured no matter our faults or errors at death.

To turn from Gods grace is unfortunate and could be disastrous but we must never forget “God is Love” and that should encourage us to go into the light and give us faith to welcome our Risen lord.

More Reader Comments On Father Corapi

Dear Father John,
You are being crucified as they crucified Our Lord. You will come through this cross
filled with the Glory of God to Speak and Declare the Truth of our Redemption with more dynamo and clarity than ever before. To be a true disciple of Our Lord Jesus
Christ we must be willing to be crucified. You will not hang on this cross long.
Your voice is needed in this time and hour to prepare the way of Our Lord.
Our prayer group will be praying for your quick vindication. 

God Bless you

Andrea M
Nova Scotia


Today as I heard the news driving into work, my heart dropped but not my faith in you and our beautiful faith that will come through on this diabolical action from the evil one! I’ve heard and seen you in person over the years and know that this attack on you is false. You have always been open and honest and live your example of a truly holy priest. As the comment earlier stated, the mere fact you ask for prayers for all those involved speaks volumes of your integrity. In this trial how fitting is it that it occurs during Lent? Jesus and you Father, sharing the cross. I know you can carry it well. I will continue to pray for you everyday and for a change of heart to those who have attacked you. May God be with you and our sweet Blessed Mother cover you in her mantle. Blessings to you , Robin V- Round Rock,Texas


Father Gerard Sheehan, should not have canceled this event. I am highly upset. Once again, the Catholic church does not care about their members. We have waited a year to hear this..took time off from work..and poof..canceled. Unfair. We should have had the right to see him..this was an adult conference..We should have had the right to go. – Cathy C


Exactly. I think Fr. Sheehan..who cancelled it should have to refund my money. How dare he take this away from us, over a letter. I can understand canceling distant engagements, but he did not have to cancel engagements that were full of adults. Let Fr. Sheehan pay for the damage pay my husband and I for our vacation time lost. Once again, the Catholic church takes everything away from me. – Barbie D


I had my tickets to go see FATHER CORAPI since the first weeks they were out for sale!
This is not a human-driven sin on the accuser, it’s more than that, but he is not alone.
Let’s all pray for Father Corapi, and our own society! – GG


Dear Father John Corapi:
My heart is broken. My prayers for everyone. May God help us all.
with love and prayers from Anne F


Reader comments totally support Father John Corapi. Many prayers offered up.

Comment by Susan on March 19, 2011 7:02 pm

Father Corapi is a dedicated priest & though have only listened to him via EWTN, know he is innocent. I will pray for this man of God as well as his accuser(s). Father Corapi, I know you have more than my prayers as you go through this trial. Seems the “evil one” is trying to cause you to cease from spreading the TRUTH that our Lord would have you speak! Keep remembering “NO CROSS, NO CROWN!”

Comment by Theresa H on March 19, 2011 7:48 pm

Despite his suffering he asks that we “pray for all concerned.” That means for the accuser, too. He has said in the past “No-one is beyond God’s help! No-one!”

I believe him.

Comment by David D on March 19, 2011 10:45 pm

Praying for you, Fr. Corapi. May our Lord give you strength and may St. Michael the Archangel fortify your Masses said for us. Please God, we can make small sacrifices and offer up our loss in reparation for the false accusations against you.

Thank you for including your accuser in your prayer intentions. You and Archbishop Dolan came out with some inspiring words for us lay Catholics.

Looking at the world as the world truly is, these days, can be an exercise on humility for gift of our faith, but, in thanksgiving, you priestly ministry is characterized by the insightful direction you provide.

God is good, we pray for the grace of God to redeem you and for your accuser to come to her senses

Comment by Maria D on March 20, 2011 4:55 am

Dear Fr Corapi

Our hearts go out to you. You are being crucified by the devil to break down the Catholic Church. You are much loved and supported by Catholics in the UK and will pray for you.

I ask every God fearing person to support this priest. He has touched the hearts of thousand through EWTN and he is a threat to the sects and the devil, so this evil follows.

I am emailing everyone to support you .

It is truly Lent for you dear Father. But God will send His Angels to support you.

We in the UK will watch and pray with you.


Comment by Virginia M on March 20, 2011 7:53 am

Fr Corapi, I have noticed the attack on Priests as guilty, whether they are guilty or not. It is a terrible “cross” that has been put upon so many good Priests. You are in my prayers. Cardinal Bernadine was put through this some ordeal and was proven innocent. I pray that the same will be proven with you soon. You are known and loved by so many that I’m am sure that the heavens will be flooded.



Comment by Barbara on March 20, 2011 8:13 am

Fr. Corapi, about a month ago I started to include you in my prayers. When I saw the strong leaders in the Catholic Church being attacked and silenced, I knew your day was coming. I have to be honest, though, I didn’t think it would be this soon. I know a very Holy Priest who has gone through a similar situation and he has been vindicated. Although you are carrying your cross, just like Jesus, the Resurrection is coming. St. Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle…………..

Comment by Marg on March 20, 2011 8:28 am

Father you are everything a priest should be. Loyal to the Church, full of love for Our Lord and His Mother, a beacon of light in this dark world.

I know you are innocent and I pray that you’ll soon be vindicated.

Comment by Jeannie P on March 20, 2011 10:40 am

Every one of our beloved Priests is on the Via Dolorosa and upon arrival on cavalry, his crucifixion will be complete. I, personally, have not, will not bite the poisoned bait of any accuser of the fine, ordained men who serve the Lord. Father Corapi is loved by God and by us; he knows, as we do, everyone born of a woman is capable of great sin and guilt is for God to forgive and not for me to conjecture about. Mine it is to pray for our repentance, to plead for mercy for all souls, including mine.

Comment by Elizabeth on March 20, 2011 4:36 pm

Fr. Corapi, I’m so sorry this is another cross to bear. You have my support. I will pray for you. God will give you the strength to get through this and you will. You are strong and your faith will see you through. God Bless You.

Comment by Jim on March 20, 2011 5:54 pm

Father, I pray for you and stand behind you 100%. You’ve always been open and hid nothing of your past from anyone and I know you have nothing to hide now. I pray to Our Lady to stop these evil ones trying to silence your teaching. Remember, “Our Mama wears combat boots!”…..