Real Catholic TV soon to become ChurchMilitant-dot-TV!

Lots of changes at Real Catholic TV … and it looks as though all is for the better! Read about it, or watch the video.


Editor’s note: The name change and move appears to be a positive response to the demands from the Archdiocese of Detroit that Real Catholic TV stop using the name “Catholic”.

The term “Church Militant” was summarily stripped from the latest Catechism of the Catholic Church and eschewed by liberal Catholics everywhere. That was the equivalent of total disarmament and baring one’s neck to the enemy … so it’s no wonder the Catholic Church has been brutally set upon by Barack Obama and his minions … not to mention the bloody persecution and martyrdom that’s presently taking place in the middle east and elsewhere.

A thorough study of the Book of Revelation will show that Christians in the middle and far east are today experiencing many of the end time tribulations described therein. Only God knows what will come next!

The good people at Real Catholic TV/Church Militant TV are doing what should have been done by the post-Vatican II institutional church, for lo these many years … boldly teaching the Catholic faith … the whole faith … and nothing but the faith!

Pray for Church Militant TV. Send them some money to help defray the expenses of their move. Share their work with friends and family. They’re doing what Jesus expects of his disciples, they’re doing it regularly, and they’re doing it well … in spite of fierce opposition from factions in the Church, itself.

20 or so vs. 400,000! Are the numbers about the same?!

Michael Voris reports from the Washington, DC March:

If there was ever an example of secular media bias .. it’s this annual March .. and note this .. the largest annual gathering in Washington .. year after year .. bar none .. and to the secular media .. it never happens.

It is essentially ignored or treated so slightly that it may as well not have happened. Each year .. anywhere from 350,000 to 450,000 .. sometimes more .. an ocean of people stream up to the US Supreme Court protesting the evil of abortion and in favor or Roe v. Wade being overturned .. and yet .. you’d never know it by the secular media.

The only hint you might get .. that SOME people came to DC and did SOMETHING .. is the Associated Press or Reuters News Agency pictures of a dozen or so pro-aborts from NOW holding their signs in front of the Court amid hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers .. and hearing commentators on CNN say something stupid like .. so are the numbers on each side about the same?

.. That was the observation of one of CNN’s crack reporters and anchors last year.

Video link

The Archdiocese of Detroit vs. Real Catholic TV: All the latest … including the Ed Peters Canon Law controversy.

I have been doing much research in regard to Real Catholic TV (RCTV) and the Archdiocese of Detroit’s claims that RCTV is “not authorized to use the name Catholic.”  The Archdiocese can claim that all it wants, but these claims amount to little more than harassment and a public relations campaign aimed at undermining RCTV’s moral authority and influence.

Read the article

Read Steve Kellmeyer’s criticism of Ed Peters, the Canon Lawyer

Three short “Real Catholic TV” videos worth watching

Vortex – Cardinal George KKK

Vortex – ADL Foxman

Vortex – Immigration – division

Submitted by Doria2

Archdiocese of Detroit won’t let Real Catholic TV use the word “Catholic”

Interestingly enough, the Archdiocese of Detroit website doesn’t identify itself as Catholic, either. What gives?


Editor’s note: Look for an official canonical action coming up, where it’s determined that Real Catholic TV is more authentically Catholic than the Archdiocese of Detroit. Allow 8-50 years for the Vatican decision to come down, plus another similar time frame for all the necessary appeals.

Some interesting forum posts about Michael Voris/Real Catholic TV

Visit the Fish Eaters Traditional Catholic Forum

Michael Voris of Real Catholic TV to speak in the Chicago area on January 14th


to Pheasant Run Resort

4051 E. Main Street, St. Charles, Illinois

Mr. Michael Voris


Dinner and talk

January 14, 2012

Cash Bar at 6:00 PM
Dinner Served at 7:00 PM
Talk at 8:00 PM

Call Nancy for tickets and details:



Shea vs. Voris (don’t miss the reader comments)

Last week I wrote a defense of Michael Voris and Simon Rafe (a defense I stand by, despite what follows). Catholic News Agency was, I felt, jumping on the story a bit prematurely and critics of Voris and Rafe were, it seemed to me, being rather hasty both in seeing something sinister in his failure to keep up with complicated paperwork and in their demands that a penitent Rafe be punished for writing a role-playing game with a few rather ambiguous naughty bits. I say “ambiguous” because we simply don’t know how the game proceeded.

If you write a game in which a character you are playing does something you know you shouldn’t do and you get rewarded for it, that’s one thing. If you write a game in which evil choices ultimately lead to bad consequences or to repentance, forgiveness and redemption, that’s another.

Many readers were quite ready to huck Simon Rafe under the bus merely because of a pull quote in a story, devoid of information about how the rest of the game went. Worse, even with his apology, contrition, and promise of firm purpose of amendment, a number of Voris fans were not satisfied. They wanted Rafe fired or punished in some way. I thought the accusations against Voris and Rafe were a bit breathless, so I spoke.

This week, however, there is a different pattern emerging that I find equally disturbing, and frankly, related to Mr. Voris’ standard methodology.

Read more

Michael Voris clarifies reported Real Catholic TV “issues”.

First .. the official status of St. Michael’s Media as a 501(c) 3. The article called into question our official standing as a non-profit with the State of Michigan. It reported that according to the state. St. Michael’s Media is not in good standing. That is true.

What the article did not make clear is that this is the case because St. Michael’s Media has not filed the annual reports that were supposed to be filed. That is entirely my fault. I have oversight to do that. I did not do that. The reason is simply because I did not know that had to be done.

Again totally my fault.

When St. Michael’s Media was established back in 2006 .. we had a short term helper who was handling all the paperwork issues with the state. When that worker left .. I did a poor job and allowed things to get sloppy. We are now in the process of getting our records up to date and will file the appropriate back records.

The State of Michigan website that addresses these sorts of issues clearly states that when the paperwork is corrected .. the company is re-established in good standing as though nothing had gone wrong. There is a small $5 fine to have to pay for each back annual report and we will of course pay that along with filing the reports and bringing St. Michael’s Media up to speed.

Again .. totally my fault and I accept the responsibility. I am working to fix the situation which was caused by me, and I will have it all done in as short a time as possible.

Secondly .. regarding the issue of Simon Rafe and his online writings in question, which he has since taken down. I spoke with Simon at some length on a couple of occasions here from Madrid when this was first brought to my attention.

He was immediately forthright and admitted they were his and that they were very inappropriate. He said he should not have written and published them. He expressed his great sorrow. He has in fact issued a very specific apology on the web on his own with no prompting from anyone.

Read more (PDF)

Submitted by Nancy W.

Real Catholic TV legal and staff troubles come to light

Denver, Colo., Aug 17, 2011 / 06:12 pm (CNA).- Michael Voris, the founder and host of RealCatholicTV, says he was completely unaware of recently discovered troubles within his organization, involving a staff apologist’s sexually explicit writings, and his nonprofit corporation’s loss of legal status two years ago.

“I don’t know what the issue is on any of this stuff,” said Voris, who is currently in Spain promoting his unofficial “No Bull in Madrid” meetings during World Youth Day.

Read more

Editor’s note: Paperwork is the bane of every organization, especially when it comes to keeping the government satisfied. Real Catholic TV needs to work on securing their finances, so they can afford competent, reliable, accounting and legal assistance.

Everybody should send them $20 to help get this done (link).

Then, there should be no further reason for missing any form filing dates.

As for the staffing issue … Real Catholic TV has been operating on a “shoestring budget” for quite some time. Nobody there is making any money, so it’s not surprising to find people “freelancing” to help make ends meet. Sure there was some bad judgment, but it looks as though the problem is already well on its way to being corrected, so “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”.

Visit the Michael Voris/Real Catholic TV “No Bull In Madrid” WYD website

Visit the site

Reader comments on Michael Voris’ exclusion from World Youth Day are worth reading

Read the referenced article. Then be sure to read all the comments below.


This Week’s Ask Alice: Catholic Church Critics, Michael Voris and Real Catholic TV.

Send A Question To Alice

She’ll answer as many questions as possible,
right here, every Thursday.

Email responses will also be provided, as time permits.

Andy Asks: I liked the recent Ask Alice answer about websites critical of the Catholic Church and I was wondering what you both thought of the Michael Voris Real Catholic TV site. His videos are tough on the Bishops but he sure loves our Holy Father.

Alice Responds: Michael Voris’ Real Catholic TV reaches the minds and hearts of an enormous online audience. You refer to his videos as “tough” while I call them “truthful.” And sometimes, the truth does hurt.

Although he is tough on errant bishops, Voris is equally outspoken about any bishop, priest, religious, or lay person who does not teach, practice, uphold and defend the Catholic faith. Michael is a man who loves God and speaks the truth.

“God is Spirit, and those who worship
must worship in Spirit and truth.”
(John 4:24)

The main reason I respect Michael is because as you said, “he sure loves our Holy Father.” Michael is faithful to the Pope, i.e., the Magisterium of our Church. His Real Catholic TV programs teach about Heaven and hell, Jesus and Mary, saints and sinners, angels and demons, good and evil.

Voris urges Catholics to receive the sacraments of Penance and Holy Eucharist frequently. Voris’ criticisms are not leveled against the Catholic Church, but chastise individuals whose bad behavior provides a disservice to the Body of Christ.

Sometimes, there is a razor fine line between constructive and destructive criticism of human beings who serve in church ministry.

Although Voris is often critical of misdeeds done by members of the clergy, he does not engage in calumny or character defamation. He doesn’t spread rumors or half-truths. Also, Voris speaks messages of support and encouragement to bishops, priests, religious, and laity who are faithful to the Church.

Here is my personal set of rubrics
for determining the efficacy of a Catholic commentator:

1) Does the Catholic commentator acknowledge the Pope as the head of the Church, the Vicar of Christ on Earth and believe in Papal infallibility? Does the commentator respect or malign our Holy Father?

2) Does the commentator uphold the teachings of the Catholic faith?

3) Is the criticism presented by the commentator aligned with the Mind of Christ?

“You must be clever as snakes and innocent as doves.” (Matthew 10:16)

4) Does the commentator exhibit a spirit of love and forgiveness? Or is he/she judgmental?

“If you want to avoid judgment,
stop passing judgment. Your verdict on others
will be the verdict passed on you.”
(Matthew 7:1-2)

5) Do the words of the commentator unite or divide the Body of Christ? Commentators who are negative and judgmental fail to nurture the Body of Christ. They spread paranoia and mistrust rather than the “be not afraid” attitude Jesus promoted.

A faithful Catholic commentator leads his/her listeners to Christ.

“You will know them by their deeds….you can tell a tree by its fruit.” (Matthew 7:16, 20)

In Christ’s Love,


Doug Lawrence adds: It’s interesting that you mention Michael Voris, since neither Alice or I rate Real Catholic TV as a “dangerous” site. Respectfully critical perhaps … but certainly not outside the bounds of Canon 212 … and always faithful to the Magisterium.

We also have a link to Real Catholic TV on our site. (Depending on your screen resolution, links appear alphabetically, either to the right of, or just below the main content window.)

As you probably know, during the last six months we’ve sponsored and promoted two different personal appearances by Michael Voris, in the Chicago area. The last one was an all-day “Majesty of the Faith” program, and it was great!

You really ought to see/hear him in person, if you get the chance.

Of course, certain Catholic bishops and/or their diocesan staff members have been known to have opinions to the contrary … but there’s not too much we can do about that.

More about Michael Voris and Real Catholic TV

Click here to see all of Alice’s other columns

Report from Rome: Michael Voris of Real Catholic TV on the Catholic blogging conference

Watch the video

Editor’s note: See my earlier article on the subject here.

Full report from Chicago on the Michael Voris Majesty of the Faith Conference

A kinder, gentler Michael Voris shifts into “high gear”

by Doug Lawrence

At his latest “Majesty of the Faith” all-day conference, held Saturday April 30, in west suburban St. Charles, Illinois, Michael Voris of St. Michael’s Media and Real Catholic TV, spent relatively little time criticizing the modernist church, or taking to task errant bishops and priests. Instead, he offered the approximately 100 serious, dedicated Catholics in attendance, a finely crafted, highly nuanced and very powerful view of the glory and majesty of the ancient faith that we have come to call “Catholic”… as it was originally founded by He who IS the Majesty of the Faith … Jesus Christ … and handed down to us, by the apostles.

Mr. Voris did a masterful job of weaving together some 2000 years of Catholic scripture, tradition, and authentic church teachings, in a way that not only captured everyone’s attention (for about six hours, in total) but fully engaged their hearts and minds, as well.

Returning from our lunch break, a short Q&A session revealed an extraordinary and inspiring level of enthusiasm and curiosity from virtually all those assembled, who ranged in age from around 12 to almost 90 … some of whom traveled nearly a hundred miles, to get there.

To put it mildly, Michael’s timeless message of faith was received with enthusiasm and grace, by all. It was truly a beautiful thing to behold!

Just a few comments, from those who attended:

“The man speaks the truth!”

“We need to get Michael to come to our parish.”

“I never really understood the Bible, before today.”

“This is the kind of stuff that will really make Catholics come home!” 

The late Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, one of Michael’s favorite Catholic theologians and speakers (and mine) would have been proud to have been there, to hear him. And perhaps he was!

As one of the sponsors of the event, I would like to thank Michael Voris for all his great work and dedication, all those who attended, all the other program sponsors, and especially, the Weber family, who really did all the “grunt work” of putting the whole thing together.

Real Catholic TV also offers a themed video series on “The Majesty of the Faith”, which can be viewed on your computer or smart phone. Visit the Real Catholic TV site.

Hey, frustrated Father Corapi fans! Free tickets available for April 30th, Chicago area, Real Catholic TV/Michael Voris event.

Of course, nobody can take the place of Father John Corapi. But until Father comes back, we faithful Catholics must carry on!

Ask Me About God Catholic Ministries is offering free tickets to the upcoming April 30, “The Majesty of the Catholic Faith” appearance by Michael Voris, of Real Catholic TV. (Location: Pheasant Run Hotel, 4051 East Main Street, St. Charles, IL. Starts at 9 am.)

A limited number of free tickets are available, while they last, to anyone who had tickets for the canceled, March 26th, Father Corapi, De Kalb event. Tickets for the all day event are also available for purchase at $15.00/person or $30.00/family.

Simply email Doug Lawrence at Ask Me About God, stating how many free tickets you need, and/or how many tickets you would like to purchase. And don’t forget to include your mailing address and phone number.

Click here for more information

Make a day of it!

Who is Michael Voris and Where Did He Come From?

Click to see the full-sized version

Michael Voris Presents “The Majesty of the Catholic Faith” April 30th – St. Charles, Illinois

05/02/2011 Full report from Chicago on the Michael Voris Majesty of the Faith Conference

Michael Voris presents: “The Majesty of the Catholic Faith”

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pheasant Run Hotel

4051 East Main Street – St. Charles, IL

Free parking is available just outside
the Royal Ballroom’s glass-windowed veranda.

Tickets are $15.00/person or $30.00/family

Tickets will be available at the door. Please call for reservations.

St. Michael’s Media
1214 S. Tenth Street – Saint Charles, IL  60174
Phone: 630-584-5389


Registration – check in at 9:00 am

~ First talk                  9:15 – 10:30

~ Second talk             10:45 – 12:00 noon

*  Lunch break           12:00 – 1:00 pm

~ First afternoon talk    1:00 – 2:15 pm

~ Second afternoon talk 2:30 – 3:30 pm

Holy Sacrifice of the Mass   3:30 – 4:30 pm
Permission for Mass is pending, with the Diocese.

*Lunch is not provided.
Three restaurants are located in the hotel.
Many more are available locally.
(Or … you can “brown bag” it!)

Remnant Catholic Newspaper Takes Executive Producer of Real Catholic TV To Task

One of the advantages of being a columnist for The Remnant is the great therapeutic value of a forum in which to vent a Catholic’s frustration over the prevailing confusion in what Italians call il dopoconcilio—the period following the Second Vatican Council.  Who knows how many serious health consequences I have averted by discharging on these pages the burden of angst over so much of what is dopey in the dopoconcilio? It is time to vent again.

Speaking of dopey, the executive producer of has just issued this “official position” concerning the Society of Saint Pius X:  “The SSPX are not in full communion with the Church and are invited by the Church to rediscover this path.”

Ah yes, that mysterious  “path” to the ever-elusive spiritual goal of “full communion.”  It seems to suggest a neo-Catholic analogue to the eightfold path of Buddhism which, if only SSPX could “rediscover” it, would lead all its adherents to that exalted platform of enlightenment attainable only through a joyful abandonment to the ineffable teachings of the Second Vatican Council: a council the same, yet different, from all the other councils; novel yet traditional; new, yet old; pastoral, yet doctrinal; an opening of ecclesiastical chakras to certain energies of the modern world; an “event” whose meaning can only be intuited, but never made explicit, according to a “true interpretation” that is lurking somewhere, surely, but has yet to be found.  Listen carefully, Grasshopper, and you will hear the Council in soft breezes flowing through poplars on Roman hills. It is the sound of one hand clapping.

Quite simply, have we not had far more than enough of this gnostic twaddle? Let us reason together.  Let us do what traditionalists have always done: confront obscurantism and intellectual dishonesty with a few statements of the obvious.  Right reason, the Jesuits called it, back when they were still in the right reason business. Back when the Church was still in the right reason business. A few statements of the obvious, then.  A dozen, to be exact:

Read all 12

Reader rebuttal to recent installment of Michael Voris’ Real Catholic TV.

Editor’s note: I’m including an excerpt of a recent email that I received from Paul, who is a European Catholic. Things obviously appear somewhat different to him, than they do to many U.S. Catholics.

Rather than replying to Paul or to me via email, I suggest you use the comment feature attached to this post, so that everyone can benefit from your feedback.

Here’s a portion of Paul’s comments:

…I am dropping you a possible counter argument to (Real Catholic TV’s) latest installment (click here to see the post).

I hope it does not offend, but it is my observation (with a few highlights) of what I think is wrong with that group! Perhaps it is a European perspective and maybe I am too harsh, but here goes.

With regard to the Five Dollar (Anti) Contraception Kit from Real catholic TV:

…Contraception (or rather “artificial contraception” … which is not the same thing) has been frowned on by the Authority of the Church as being merely the substitute of pleasure over fruitfulness. In Catholic thinking, sexual acts are believed to be God given delights within a family orientation and therefore, to interfere with such an act by artificial means, so that sexual pleasure for its own sake may be obtained, have traditionally been disliked.

Whether or not Catholic families rigidly adhere to the advice however, has always been a matter of debate. Pressures from society generally may affect individuals decisions and may come about more likely from an economic view rather than an anti-catholic one.

Whilst it is true that in the past Catholic thought has frowned upon artificial contraception, with the advance of sexually transmitted diseases especially the AIDS virus the Church has started to come to terms with other possibilities.

This will not however mean the Church splits nor that moral degradations shall destroy Catholic belief in the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. It may mean however, that the Church moves in a new way. And it is up to the faithful to accept this and understand that the notion of the Rock does not mean the Church is ever stagnant.

…Without love we are indeed in a sad state and worthy of pity. Our Catholic identity will mean nothing, and any cry before the Blessed Sacrament will remain unheard.

Yet the term is couched here in a carrot and stick terminology … as in warning of moral degradations tearing at the heart of the faith … and destroying Catholic belief in the soothing embrace of the Real Presence of Our Lord in the Eucharist.

Many will read it and without thinking, send their donation to support the originators of such claims, thinking this a service within the Church. It is not. Indeed it remains a grotesque distortion of the real Church and the presence of Christ.

Hearkening back to a time when Catholics presumably lived in the articles of the faith they have since mysteriously forgotten? Hearkening back to a golden age that quite frankly never existed.; hearkening back to some time when Catholics were in control of society and the woes of contraception, abortion, euthanasia, etc. were simply acts of back street sinners … who were destined for eternal damnation, anyway.

Instead such absurdities should be banished … and the real answer of humility and charity towards the neighbour be brought to light.

Basically, there is no easy answer to contraception or to any of the declared woes … and perhaps it is a problem with this “quick-fix society” … that we want there to be one.

In the Church, there can never be a simple remedy … and no simple response to a divided society … but there is the notion of peace and prayer … both of which call the faithful to calm, and to reflection.

Love is not just sentiment, nor can it be a Catholic attitude of superiority. The answer is in charity of word and deed … not in spitting “the truth” at one’s sinful neighbour.

The trouble is that some in the Catholic world have come to despise their neighbour … be they engaged in pre-marital sex, or have had an abortion, or are homosexual, etc. They declare their own love for Christ openly, on the altar … but it is not Christ they adore, because it remains our altar … not somebody else’s. It is our Christ, and his way is our way … or more precisely … MY way.

The desire to attack … if not stomp … opposing views into oblivion … is rather gung-ho, to many European eyes. It is not the will of Jesus, nor is it to the Glory of God that such pride flourishes.

Rarely for example, is contraception taken as a moral wickedness, but rather as a prevention to unwanted pregnancies. People do not take contraceptives, nor are they homosexual, because they are simply evil. Nor do some mistaken doctors, etc. advance euthanasia because they have been corrupted by the use of contraceptives, and are therefore evil.

What is evil is the notion that some Catholics choose to condemn their neighbour as being evil … and to insist they are glad of their own salvation because they believe in the Real Presence in The Blessed Sacrament.

Like the Pharisees of old, they are whited sepulchers … and their pride has made them useless to the work of grace.

What is annoying is that such wickedness is often presented within good and holy text, and given applause by the unsuspecting. Evil is best seen not in opposition, but couched in terms of faith. But this tends to destroy the central principle of what it means to be Christian.

War against anything is rarely desirable … and it often destroys faster than peace can build.

The church continues to grow, though much of its history is tragic and sin-filled. It has come to the realization that its heart must be one of love and tolerance in an intolerant world … and to bear with self awareness the wrongs committed against it … and sometimes by it.

The object is to become Christ at Calvary, and be inspired by his Passion; but it is a long hard road still. We should travel along the road of peace and compromise … rather than seek division and discord … and never follow the quick fix to sin … no matter how brightly it is presented.

Many thanks and God bless,