Michael Voris of Real Catholic TV: It’s time for the laity to step up, demand an end to the corruption, and restore the faded glory of the Catholic Church.

Michael Voris is a Catholic Man with a Mission.

by Doug Lawrence

Five days each week, Michael Voris, S.T.B. delivers “The Vortex” … a professionally produced, 4-6 minute video to thousands of active, faithful, and committed Catholics, all around the world. (A feat that the Vatican probably wishes it might be able to accomplish, some day.)

Strangely, his organization (St. Michael’s Media/Real Catholic TV) is strictly a “guerrilla” operation, based in the suburbs of Detroit, with only a small (but dedicated) expert staff, running on the proverbial “shoestring” budget, and not affiliated with any particular Catholic parish or diocese.

Nor is Mr. Voris a deacon, priest, or bishop. He’s just a mere layman … which is also somewhat unusual for high-profile Catholic speakers.

Well educated in the Catholic faith, the letters “S.T.B.” after his name refer to the degree in theology that he earned from the prestigious Sacred Heart Major Seminary/Angelicum, in Rome – Sacred Theology Baccalaureate.

Mr. Voris admits to being a “revert” (a previously fallen away Catholic, who has since chosen to “come back” to the church). He’s also known as a nice guy … showing up on time, being respectful, kind, courteous, honest, faithful, charitable, long-suffering and humble. Plus … he works hard … and he has “guts”. (Just like a lot of other good Catholics I know.)

Perhaps most notably … Michael Voris has a reputation for being absolutely intolerant of corruption … both within and without the Catholic church … and he’s not ashamed to talk about it. For a good example some of his feelings on this matter, click here (PDF file).

Recently addressing an eclectic group of more than one hundred Chicago area Catholics (who each paid $40 to attend) Mr. Voris pulled no punches, speaking with evident disdain about certain Catholic bishops … whom he described as faithless and cowardly … and still others … as simply corrupt. To be fair … he also delivered a few well chosen “attaboys” and similar kudos.

Appealing primarily to Catholics of the more conservative, traditional persuasion … home-schoolers, pro-lifers, Latin Mass aficionados, and the “over 40” crowd … Michael has little good to say about the aftermath of the 2nd Vatican Council, or about the superabundance of “bad fruit” which proceeded directly in its wake … applying the terms “liberal” and “progressive” to wayward church prelates, along with their stubbornly entrenched staffers, policies, and politics.

Nor is he afraid to name names, when that’s necessary to make a point. He also does a very good impression of the late, Cardinal Joseph Bernardin!

Asked how today’s Catholics are supposed to help turn things around, Mr. Voris had several suggestions:

1) Vote with your feet. And be sure to take your collection money with you, when you go! Don’t hang around at parishes that consistently fail to offer licit, reverent, authentically Catholic Masses and Sacraments, that fail to teach the authentic Catholic faith, or that obsess over popular, liberal, “social justice” issues … rather than concentrating on the traditional work, worship, sacraments and devotions of the ancient church.  There are still plenty of other good, solid, truly Catholic parishes. Take a look around.

2) Learn the authentic Catholic faith, and at the same time, learn to instantly recognize the heresies and abuses that are so rampant in today’s church … by embarking on a regular, personal faith study, using widely available and generally free, authentically Catholic internet resources. For an extensive list of Catholic resources, along with links to more than 50 good Catholic internet sites, click here.

Of course, there’s much, much more. For that, I suggest you try to attend one of Michael Voris’ speaking events, or simply point your web browser to www.RealCatholicTV.com.

Read more about last Sunday’s event

Five Dollar (Anti) Contraception Kit from Real Catholic TV

From the 01/28/2011 “Vortex”:

Quite frankly .. we have been blown away by the number and intensity of the responses that we’ve received this week regarding our Vortex episodes on Contraception.  No doubt about it .. this is THE issue.

So what we’ve done is compile a resource set for you to watch and study and learn from and pass around to family and friends and fellow Catholics and non-Catholics who are open to learning about why the Church always has and always will condemn

If you click this link you can order for 5 dollars
a number of Vortex episodes contained on one DVD
as well as a second disc containing various
Church documents … plus a number of fine homilies
from priests and deacons who have
shared their relevant homilies with us.

That second disc is free to you for your five dollars.  As you might imagine .. we don’t make a ton of money on this, but we want to give you the resources to learn more and educate yourself so you can talk to family members, your children and friends and explain to them the wisdom of the Church.

In addition .. if you want to get something for free .. we are making Dr. Martin Brenner’s Biblical Sexuality class available for free on the realcatholictv.com site. Remember if you’re watching on You Tube .. go to realcatholictv.com .. sign up for free account and click on the link for the Biblical sexuality class.  You can also purchase this excellent class on DVD from us if you’d like to have a home copy or something to had to friends and family.  It’s six hours long and is an excellent laying out of the Church’s teaching on sexual morality with reference to Sacred Scripture.  Suitable for Protestants.

We’re calling the whole package
“The Catholic Contraception Kit”.

Contraception is THE evil snake coiled up under the table today.  The contraceptive mentality has led to acceptance of not only contraception, but abortion, adultery, and homosexuality, as well as embryonic stem cell research, euthanasia, cohabitation, and pre-marital sex.

These moral degradations have torn at the very heart of the faith, weakening and destroying Catholics’ belief in The Real Presence of Our Blessed Lord in the Eucharist, the need for sacramental confession, the awareness and admitting of personal sin and on and on.

It’s time for faithful Catholics to get up and start to take back the Church from a culture of permissiveness and sin that destroys the very concept of family .. and ultimately leads to death of the body as well as the soul.

Michael Voris, “Fighting for the Faith” Dinner at Pheasant Run/St. Charles, IL Saturday, Jan. 29, 2011

Michael Voris, “Fighting for the Faith” Dinner
at Pheasant Run/St. Charles, Illinois

Saturday, Jan. 29, 2011
Cash Bar from 6 – 7PM, 7PM Dinner, 8PM Talk


Tickets must be reserved
and paid for in advance.
(Cash or check only please.)
Seating is limited.

Call: (630) 584-5389

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The Catholic Church’s Courageous TV Defender

Who is Michael Voris?

Mike Voris is a former seminarian, single, who packed it in to become a CBS journalist in New York where he worked alongside Dan Rather (with whom Voris was not impressed) and as a muck-raking TV investigative reporter and anchor in several smaller cities.    The pay was much better than regular workaday scribes and he freely acknowledged to me that in those years he “lived a horrible life in an immoral cesspool.”   Throughout those years, his mother, like Augustine’s Monica, scolded, remonstrated with him and prayed mightily for her son—to no avail.   But his life turned around after a shock when his favorite brother, in the seeming bloom of health, dropped dead in his mid-40s.

So shaken out of his hedonist past, Michael packed  it in once again and resolved to use his finely-honed communications skills in eloquent support of  God and His Church.  Mike scooped up $700,000 of his savings and started a TV business with himself as an unabashedly militant but thoroughly responsible Catholic commentator…writing, researching, producing and performing in short erudite yet punchy TV commentaries for the Internet that would be sent out free to everyone who wishes to subscribe.

The theory is you subscribe and if you have a few bucks you chip in to keep the apostolate going.  So far financially it’s tough going but Mike has the firm belief that God will see it through.

His commentaries are from 2 to 5 minutes or so in length and he begins each one with the same words….”Welcome to the Vortex where lies and falsehoods are trapped and exposed”….winding up each commentary with the crisp signature:
“This is Michael Voris.”