Former Protestant writes about how and why he became Catholic

When I got into R.C.I.A., I then realized what had been calling me to the Catholic Church ever since I was a little boy; John 1:14 “…and the Word became Flesh and made His Dwelling among us…”. The Eucharist; the TRUE Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! It was not just ‘communion’, it was not just bread, or a cracker, or a wafer and wine, it was the TRUE BODY of Jesus and it was and IS the TRUE BLOOD of Jesus!

This knowledge transformed my life, my ways of thinking, living and what I was going to do in the future. I often tell people, I fell in love with my Catholic Faith so much that I wound up marrying my R.C.I.A. instructor! I came into Full Communion with the Church on Holy Saturday, April 19, 2003, and for the next several years I had prayed that God would send me a Beautiful Woman, a Holy woman, a Spiritual Woman; a woman I could continue to grow and learn my Faith from. I thought the Lord was going to have to let me marry a Nun! He gave me my beautiful Bride, Donna L. (Grant) Lane, and we were wed in St. Alphonsus Liguori “Rock” Church on May 27, 2006.

Jesus said, in John 14:6, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life…”, and the Church has given me the Vision of how Jesus has and continues to make a Way out of no way for me in my life; how Jesus has shown me Truth in His Church and in my own personal life; How Jesus gives us eternal life, if we continue to do His Will and Follow His Church; He gives us the ‘fullness of the means of Salvation’ within His Church. The Eucharist! The Body of Jesus; the Blood of Jesus; the Soul of Jesus; the UNENDING Divinity of Jesus is all contained within the Eucharist! Why am I Catholic? I will give you one guess; it starts with an E and ends with a T!

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Reader rebuttal to recent installment of Michael Voris’ Real Catholic TV.

Editor’s note: I’m including an excerpt of a recent email that I received from Paul, who is a European Catholic. Things obviously appear somewhat different to him, than they do to many U.S. Catholics.

Rather than replying to Paul or to me via email, I suggest you use the comment feature attached to this post, so that everyone can benefit from your feedback.

Here’s a portion of Paul’s comments:

…I am dropping you a possible counter argument to (Real Catholic TV’s) latest installment (click here to see the post).

I hope it does not offend, but it is my observation (with a few highlights) of what I think is wrong with that group! Perhaps it is a European perspective and maybe I am too harsh, but here goes.

With regard to the Five Dollar (Anti) Contraception Kit from Real catholic TV:

…Contraception (or rather “artificial contraception” … which is not the same thing) has been frowned on by the Authority of the Church as being merely the substitute of pleasure over fruitfulness. In Catholic thinking, sexual acts are believed to be God given delights within a family orientation and therefore, to interfere with such an act by artificial means, so that sexual pleasure for its own sake may be obtained, have traditionally been disliked.

Whether or not Catholic families rigidly adhere to the advice however, has always been a matter of debate. Pressures from society generally may affect individuals decisions and may come about more likely from an economic view rather than an anti-catholic one.

Whilst it is true that in the past Catholic thought has frowned upon artificial contraception, with the advance of sexually transmitted diseases especially the AIDS virus the Church has started to come to terms with other possibilities.

This will not however mean the Church splits nor that moral degradations shall destroy Catholic belief in the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. It may mean however, that the Church moves in a new way. And it is up to the faithful to accept this and understand that the notion of the Rock does not mean the Church is ever stagnant.

…Without love we are indeed in a sad state and worthy of pity. Our Catholic identity will mean nothing, and any cry before the Blessed Sacrament will remain unheard.

Yet the term is couched here in a carrot and stick terminology … as in warning of moral degradations tearing at the heart of the faith … and destroying Catholic belief in the soothing embrace of the Real Presence of Our Lord in the Eucharist.

Many will read it and without thinking, send their donation to support the originators of such claims, thinking this a service within the Church. It is not. Indeed it remains a grotesque distortion of the real Church and the presence of Christ.

Hearkening back to a time when Catholics presumably lived in the articles of the faith they have since mysteriously forgotten? Hearkening back to a golden age that quite frankly never existed.; hearkening back to some time when Catholics were in control of society and the woes of contraception, abortion, euthanasia, etc. were simply acts of back street sinners … who were destined for eternal damnation, anyway.

Instead such absurdities should be banished … and the real answer of humility and charity towards the neighbour be brought to light.

Basically, there is no easy answer to contraception or to any of the declared woes … and perhaps it is a problem with this “quick-fix society” … that we want there to be one.

In the Church, there can never be a simple remedy … and no simple response to a divided society … but there is the notion of peace and prayer … both of which call the faithful to calm, and to reflection.

Love is not just sentiment, nor can it be a Catholic attitude of superiority. The answer is in charity of word and deed … not in spitting “the truth” at one’s sinful neighbour.

The trouble is that some in the Catholic world have come to despise their neighbour … be they engaged in pre-marital sex, or have had an abortion, or are homosexual, etc. They declare their own love for Christ openly, on the altar … but it is not Christ they adore, because it remains our altar … not somebody else’s. It is our Christ, and his way is our way … or more precisely … MY way.

The desire to attack … if not stomp … opposing views into oblivion … is rather gung-ho, to many European eyes. It is not the will of Jesus, nor is it to the Glory of God that such pride flourishes.

Rarely for example, is contraception taken as a moral wickedness, but rather as a prevention to unwanted pregnancies. People do not take contraceptives, nor are they homosexual, because they are simply evil. Nor do some mistaken doctors, etc. advance euthanasia because they have been corrupted by the use of contraceptives, and are therefore evil.

What is evil is the notion that some Catholics choose to condemn their neighbour as being evil … and to insist they are glad of their own salvation because they believe in the Real Presence in The Blessed Sacrament.

Like the Pharisees of old, they are whited sepulchers … and their pride has made them useless to the work of grace.

What is annoying is that such wickedness is often presented within good and holy text, and given applause by the unsuspecting. Evil is best seen not in opposition, but couched in terms of faith. But this tends to destroy the central principle of what it means to be Christian.

War against anything is rarely desirable … and it often destroys faster than peace can build.

The church continues to grow, though much of its history is tragic and sin-filled. It has come to the realization that its heart must be one of love and tolerance in an intolerant world … and to bear with self awareness the wrongs committed against it … and sometimes by it.

The object is to become Christ at Calvary, and be inspired by his Passion; but it is a long hard road still. We should travel along the road of peace and compromise … rather than seek division and discord … and never follow the quick fix to sin … no matter how brightly it is presented.

Many thanks and God bless,


“Jesus will rest on my tongue and then he will go down into my heart.” – Little Nellie of Holy God.

She only lived for four and a half years, but her story was so moving, that it inspired Pope Pius X to admit young children to Holy Communion.

“At the moment of her First Communion, which she received in a transport of love, Nellie’s features shone as if the presence of the great light in her heart reflected itself in her face. Yes, those who saw Nellie then are well convinced that the child’s appearance was not at all ordinary. This phenomenon was seen more particularly at her other Communions because, after the first, she was taken almost immediately out of the chapel and there were only a chosen few who had the happiness to witness the transformation which took place. Then Nellie had not only a countenance more recollected, an attitude more pious than she customarily had, but an extraordinary radiance.”

In Little Nellie’s transformation after receiving Holy Communion and her extended thanksgiving until the late afternoon we see Jesus living in her and she living in him. She is a beautiful example of Jesus transforming us when we receive him in Holy Communion. Not only was Little Nellie transformed after receiving Jesus in Holy Communion but in a sense the entire Church has been transformed after her. It is reported that Pope Pius X was considering lowering the age for children to receive Holy Communion from twelve to seven and when he heard of Little Nellie he said she was the sign he was waiting for. On 15th August 1910 Pope Pius X published his encyclical Quam Singulari encouraging early and frequent Holy Communion of children.”

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Submitted by Bob Stanley

Seen on the web: Uncommon wisdom.

Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car.*

*On the other hand … Catholics know that the body, blood, soul and divinity of our Lord, Jesus Christ is reserved in the tabernacle of every Catholic Church … and Jesus … by means of his grace … promises to one day, transform all of the faithful into the glory of God.

So, merely “showing up” in a Catholic church places us in the real presence of God. And God, with our cooperation, can make us into anything he wants!

Submitted by Sharon F.

The Stations of the Holy Eucharist

The purpose of the Stations of the Eucharist is to help the faithful deepen both their understanding and appreciation of the Source and Summit of our faith: The Most Holy Eucharist, especially during 2005, THE YEAR OF THE EUCHARIST, and, for all ages. Through the whole of salvation history, God, our Father has prepared His people for the Gift of His Beloved Son, and also for the Gift of His Real Presence in the Most Holy Eucharist.  Throughout the Old Testament, the Eucharist was prefigured.  And in the New Testament, these shadows give way to Reality.

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Video shows politician’s girlfriend publicly desecrating the Eucharist

Numerous Catholics interviewed by the media expressed outrage over the actions of Formal, saying she displayed not only ignorance in describing the consecrated host as a “blessing” instead of as the Real Presence of Christ, but also complete disrespect for Communion and for the Eucharistic Host.

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“Even Demons Believe and Tremble” – A true Eucharistic Story

…  it was time for the consecration of the Chalice. Again, bowing low and pronouncing clearly and distinctly but in a low voice:  Hic est enim calix sanguinis mei, novi et æterni testamenti; mysterium fidei; qui pro vobis et pro multis effundetur in remissionem pecatorum. Haec quotiescumque feceritis in mei memoriam facietis (for this is the cup of my Blood, of the new and eternal covenant; the mystery of faith; which will for the many be shed unto the remission of sins. When so ever you do this, you do it in my memory). But then, I heard another sound this time an undeniable moan and then a shriek as some one cried out: “Leave me alone Jesus! Why do you torture me!” Suddenly a scuffling as some one ran out with the groaning sound of having been injured. The back doors swung open, then closed. Then silence.

I could not turn to look for I was raising the Chalice high over my head. But I knew in an instance that some poor demon-tormented soul had encountered Christ in the Eucharistic and could not endure his real presence displayed for all to see. And the words of Scripture occurred to me: Even Demons believe and tremble (James 2:19).

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