Grotesque modern Catholic art reflects the many failings of this confused age

At the entrance to the [Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in downtown Los Angeles] is a suspended 8-foot bronze Madonna with computerized enhanced facial features. The guides tell us, ‘Mary’s face is a combination of the Black and Asian and White and Hispanic features that symbolize all the races of the people in L.A.’ Of course, what you end up with is a symbol of a symbol that looks like a cross between David Bowie and Sandra Bullock. It is not a statue of Mary; it is a statue explaining ethnic traits, and they use Mary as an excuse to talk about themselves.

— Chicago priest-artist Father Anthony Brankin

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Religious Art Critic: “Notice that both the damned and the saved have expressions of surprise on their faces.”

The damned are surprised to be going to hell because they were proud and self righteous (and didn’t think they were headed for hell) or scornful and unbelieving (and didn’t believe such a place existed.)

The saved are surprised because they were humble and didn’t think they would make it into heaven.

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Sinister art introduced into Catholic Church by the hands of enemies?

I’ve always been disgusted by the ugly, dark, thoroughly uninspiring religious artwork (if you could call it art) and architecture in Chicago’s Holy Name Cathedral.

Now, Joseph G. has been kind enough to direct me to a site that features ugly and possibly even Satanic artwork located in the Vatican and elsewhere, throughout the Catholic Church.

This stuff is really disturbing. And in light of the new, super ugly John Paul II statue in Rome, you really have to wonder what is going on with the people in charge.

Or perhaps the “art” simply reflects the evil spirit of the age!

See for yourself. Visit the site.