A great example of “circular reasoning” and Protestant denial, in the face of irrefutable Catholic truth.

You asserted the Bible was your ONLY divine authority. I asked you to show me where the Bible teaches that assertion. You didn’t give me one. Instead, you gave me a lot of verses extolling the greatness of Scripture. I already know it’s great. I use it all the time. Hence, if you’re not going to answer my specific request, there is no sense in continuing a discussion with someone who can’t prove from the Bible what she claims from the Bible.

Or perhaps you don’t understand the question (and it wouldn’t be the first time). I had a similar discussion with a Protestant a few years ago, and it took him about a month to understand what I was really asking him. Prior to that, he did the same thing you are doing now, that is, he would quote verses indicting the greatness of Scripture. Then one day it finally dawned on him. Unfortunately, he was not able to come up with a verse, and then the discussion stopped. That is where we are right now.

So, here goes. If you find a verse of Scripture that says the Bible is the ONLY divine authority, I will forsake Catholicism in a heartbeat, because you will have proved it to be a false religion. No kidding, Cheryl. Just one verse will do, and I will disown Catholicism faster than you can say “John Paul II.”

Until then, there is nothing else to talk about. You are the one who initiated this conversation, and you are the one who insisted that we deal with Scripture first. I obliged on both counts. But if you’re going to deal with Scripture, then deal with it. Stop putzing around with verses that don’t prove your point. I hope you understand.

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The Bellarmine Report: New name. New look. More convenient. Same solid, conservative Catholic content.

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“Your (Bible) hermeneutic has destroyed the faith of many and decimated the Church.”

Traditional Catholic apologist Robert Sungenis contends with a modernist priest on the best way to understand the true meaning of sacred scripture.

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Sungenis to USCCB: The God of Judaism is not the God of Christianity.

The USCCB is trying to give the impression that since Jesus obeyed the Torah and was circumcised, then those Jewish beliefs can be practiced by Jews after Jesus, and especially because Jesus did not abrogate the Torah. This is a clever argument, but it won’t work.

Jesus lived the prescriptions of the Torah and did not abrogate them because Jesus lived on the Old Testament side of the Cross, and as such, he was required to obey all its precepts and not do away with them (unless, of course, Jesus reminded the Jews of a higher law of God that came before the Mosaic law, such as Jesus’ treatment of the Mosaic divorce law in Matthew 19:1‐9).

But after Jesus died and rose again, the Old Covenant he lived under was indeed abrogated and replaced by the New Covenant.

That fact is precisely why the veil of the Temple was miraculously torn in two the moment Jesus died. It signified the legal end of the Jewish religion. Jews may have continued to practice their religion after the Cross, but it had no legal or covenantal standing with God.

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USCCB Original Text

Catholic theologian Robert Sungenis on proper Bible interpretation and the critical necessity of Baptism

…the Old Testament foreshadowed baptism and its spiritual effects — effects which apply to people both in the Old and New Testament.

Have you not read in 1 Corinthians 10:1-2: “…our forefathers were all under the cloud and they all passed through the sea. They were all baptized into Moses in the cloud and in the sea.”

And have you not read in Acts 16:22 what Ananias says to Paul, “Get up and be baptized and wash your sins away, calling on his name.”

Now, why would Ananias say that Paul’s sins were washed away precisely at water baptism if the water represented only the word of God or was merely symbolic?

Have you not read what Peter says in 1 Peter 3:20-21 in explaining the flood waters of Noah’s day, “and this water is the antitype of baptism which now saves us.” Why would Peter say “baptism saves” if the water was merely symbolic or represented only the word of God?

Moreover, if one insists that the  water represents only the word of God,  have you not read in John 1:31-34 and John 4:2 in which baptism was administered with physical water? Is it not unreasonable to think that the water of John 3:5
so suddenly takes on a different meaning, especially since it is surrounded by a context that only refers to literal water?

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Refuting those who attempt to use the Bible to defend homosexuality

Lot and the fiery destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah

Editor’s note: This article is one that is certainly worth reading, since just about every verbal ploy used by homosexuals to attempt to justify their seriously disordered and immoral behavior is identified and successfully refuted.

Does the Bible Condemn Homosexuality?

An Interview with Dr. Reverend Cheri DiNovo. As the interview with Dr. DiNovo is conducted, Robert Sungenis will provide rebuttal to DiNovo’s arguments.

Theologian explains: Various world-wide tribulations (including our own) were foretold long, long ago

The Pale Horse of Revelation

As Catholics, we have firsthand knowledge of these divine workings. In the Fatima revelations, for example, both World War I and World War II are predicted and fulfilled. The vision to the three child seers revealed precisely when the wars would start and when they would stop, and each war was said to be the result of the wickedness of mankind. Each war could be curtailed if the world’s enemy would be put at bay, which was to be accomplished through the consecration of a
specific nation, Russia, a direct request from heaven by Our Lady. The consecration would bring about the conversion of this enemy and the world would be converted to Christ.

In the case of the Fatima revelations, we see a clear example of the workings of both the “white” and the “red” horse. The white horse comes and gives his message of salvation and judgment. Depending on the response to the white horse, the One on the Throne determines the next course of action and reveals it to the Living Beings, and they, in turn, release the next horseman to do his job. The Fatima revelation shows us that war is never accidental or incidental. If heaven has determined that war will serve as a judgment against men, no amount of politics and deal-making will ever stop it from coming if men remain in their sin. These are direct responses from heaven, showing us that God is intimately involved with our lives on earth.

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Catholic scholar corrects errors of alleged “Jewish Catholic” group using authentic Catholic teachings

There’s enough misinformation and heresy going around about Israel and the Jews to fill an entire encyclopedia (or two).

There’s no shortage of evangelical Christian groups who support the the nation of Israel, even over other Christians (and especially, Catholics).

There’s a seemingly huge number of prominent Catholics and other Christians who erroneously think that the Jews enjoy a separate, saving covenant with God. (They don’t.)

There are many, many people of various faiths who think that the modern day state of Israel (purely due to a divine mandate) still holds title to the Holy Land, and that the Catholic Church supports that claim. (Neither is true.)

Perhaps you think that all of this has gone on for way too long, and is no longer of any interest to you. If so, skip it.

If not, take some time to read the following document by theologian and scholar, Robert Sungenis. It’s in an easy to follow Q&A format … it covers a number of very important topics … and it just may open up your eyes to the (authentically Catholic) truth.

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Editor’s note: A “rebuttal” to Robert Sungenis, published by Catholics for Israel is available on-line, but it merely serves to restate their original erroneous position on these things, shedding little or no “new light” on the matter. In this, Sungenis clearly has the truth on his side, along with almost 2000 years of authentic Catholic teachings and tradition.

In short, Catholics for Israel (along with some of their more ardent contributors) appear to be more loyal and supportive of Israel and the Jews than they are of the Catholic Church and other Christians. In their misguided zeal, about the only thing they can do is try to discredit Sungenis.  But that tactic simply doesn’t work, since it’s clear that Robert Sungenis had it right, all along.