Ronald Reagan’s 1964 speech still totally relevant today

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It’s time the U.S. Bishops hired a trained, professional spokesman to help deal with controversial, “hot button” issues.

Bishop Olmsted

The Catholic Healthcare West abortion case is one of those “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” situations for the Catholic church.

Bishop Olmsted is absolutely right in his determination. The Church has thousands of years of practical experience, Canon Law, and Catholic philosophy (not to mention, God) on its side. Yet, watching the various news accounts on television, the Church is once again publicly cast as a secretive organization (run by a bunch of old men) that doesn’t care about women’s rights, and that possesses no particular expertise or authority, when it comes to life and death medical decisions. Which … of course … is absolutely untrue.

But that’s not the main point of this article.

The simple fact is … no offense … the television camera is not kind to Bishop Olmsted. Like many of his brother bishops, he is much better suited, experienced, and trained at speaking from the pulpit, in a church … so a hastily called press conference and subsequent TV sound bites (selected by the biased, secular press) are bound to cast him (and the church) in a less than ideal light.

So here’s my suggestion for the USCCB, in order to better support all the Catholic bishops, and better communicate the authentic teachings and enlightened philosophy of the Catholic Church:

Hire and retain a professional, national spokesperson to publicly articulate and explain (working closely, from a script, produced by the particular bishop) the Church’s official position on difficult, high profile matters of the day, as events develop.

The spokesperson would need to be an attractive, experienced, professional communicator, with natural charisma, who is comfortable speaking in front of television cameras and working with the press. Not necessarily a clergyman, either. A dedicated, professional support staff, with writers, makeup people, studio, lighting experts, internet geeks and others, would also be required.

The official spokesperson would operate from a Washington, D.C. “situation room” and would interface from there, with the bishops and with members of the press, much as the White House already does, with the Washington press corps.

Some time ago, General Electric hired an actor by the name of Ronald Reagan to be their point man, and things subsequently worked out pretty well for all concerned. There’s absolutely no reason why the Catholic Church couldn’t do something similar.

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Catechists offended by photo of President Barack Obama in Catholic classroom

Precisely where does education stop and partisan politicking begin?

Is it appropriate to have a photo of President Barack Obama, the most anti-life, pro abortion, and (arguably) anti-Catholic president of all time, prominently displayed in an individual classroom of a Catholic school, without some sort of qualification or disclaimer?

What does such a display say about the teacher, the principle, the school, the pastor and the parish?

What message does it send to the students?

I can lend a bit of insight into this issue, since I had the opportunity to substitute-teach in that classroom, not too long ago.

I did my best to simply ignore the display, which I personally found to be offensive, but what really shocked me was the response I got when I asked the kids to name some people they considered to be heroically Christ-like.

A little hand went up, and of course, the first candidate for sainthood turned out to be Barack Obama, the abortion president! Stifling the urge to throw up, I bravely carried on. Next!

I know that complaints about the picture have been made to the teacher, the school principal, the diocese, the provincial of the religious order, and even the bishop … but so far, nothing  at all has been done.

Maybe we need a week or two of picketing out in front of the school, just to make sure that the kids get a fair and balanced view of things. Leafleting the parking lot and/or financial sanctions might work, too.

If we can’t get that Obama picture to come down, the least we can do is demand a disclaimer of some sort … perhaps written in the blood of aborted babies. Alternatively, we might simply “throw in the towel” and give all the kids Notre Dame scholarships.

Paraphrasing the words of President Ronald Reagan (who wasn’t very pro-life either, but who was as ideologically different from Barack Obama  as anyone ever could be, “Mrs. W … tear down that picture!”

Until then, we pray. (Send me an email if you want more information.)