Baltimore blasphemy: Sacred vessels regularly and routinely profaned at local bar.

…it’s not acceptable either that chalices which are used in Catholic Mass for the consecration of wine which becomes the blood of Christ, are used by patrons to drink (and get drunk from).

They’re made of precious metals, sometimes jewels, but their use in such a secular setting is strange and unsettling. No less than the inexplicable painting of a priest with a stole, looking aghast or in surprise at a nun who has her back to him.

The most disturbing thing in the restaurant is the monstrance which is behind the bar used as decoration. The monstrance is large ornate disk, often resembling the sun, which is surmounted in a long stand with a heavy base. It contains a crystal compartment at the center of the disk where a consecrated communion Host can be placed inside and it allows the priest to elevate the entire object by the stand for the veneration of the Sacrament it contains.

Seeing this monstrance here in this bar, covered with mardigras beads and a mustached smiley face where the Host would normally be is a little bit like finding family heirlooms in the hands of people who not only use them for purposes for which they were never intended, but use them in disrespectful ways.

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Sacred Vessels for Papal Visit Made of Gold and Venetian Glass

For the occasion [of the Papal Mass during the visit to Venice, this weekend], 60 chalices, 60 patens, one [lavabo] pitcher, two small plates, and two cruets, all in blown glass covered in gold leaf, were created exclusively by the Glass Masters of Murano, under the auspices of the Consorzio Promovetro Murano.


The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass – Altar, Sacred Vessels, and Vestments – Illustrated and Explained.

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Altar servers manual explains the Mass using text and photos. (Nice … and definitely worth a look!)

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