Bishop Sartain of the Diocese of Joliet, Illinois on the Papal visit

Bishop Sartain of the Diocese of Joliet on the Papal visit

Understanding God’s Plan for Marriage – by Bishop Peter J. Sartain


A booklet by Bishop Peter J. Sartain

Dear Friends,

Preparing couples for marriage is one of the most enjoyable aspects of priestly ministry. I have had the priviledge of helping prepare hundreds of couples, and my contact with them did not stop with their wedding. I have celebrated anniversaries with them, baptized their children, prayed with them in times of confusion. I see myself as part of each family, no matter how long ago their wedding or how far away they now reside.

I have also learned many things from these families. They have taught me about love, sacrifice, forgiveness, and generosity. They have supported my ministry with words of encouragement and prayer. They have inspired me by their love of God and their faithfulness to the Church.

Isn’t that the way it should be? If as St. Paul wrote marriage is a sign of Christ’s love for the Church, doesn’t it make sense that strong marriages and families enrich the Church and keep us close to Christ? Doesn’t it make sense that families who stay close to Christ will grow stronger and more loving?

I have prepared this booklet as a gesture of love and support for the engaged and married couples of the Diocese of Joliet. It is a reflection on marriage and the gift of life.

Each chapter ends with reflection questions and a simple prayer. I hope that couples will read this booklet together, taking time to reflect and pray together as you do. I hope you will find in these pages nourishment for your love, wise guidance from God, and encouragement in discipleship. God bless you! May you always remember that God is the origin of your love.

Sincerely in Christ,

Bishop J. Peter Sartain

Diocese of Joliet, Illinois


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