Evil international abortion promoter hopes to re-brand abortion as a good, moral choice.

Given the gruesome nature of their work, it is not surprising that these hardened abortion activists were there to be inspired. Ann Furedi was head cheerleader for that job. As the CEO of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, which provides about one quarter of all British abortions and specializes in late-term abortions, Furedi has been one of Britain’s most vocal abortion-on-demand advocates for decades. She is also a notorious Leftist who used to edit Living Marxism and married the British Revolutionary Communist Party leader. Her opening plenary talk, believe it or not, was entitled “The Moral Case for Abortion.”

Having to contend with “all those Lennart Nilsson photos of a 17 week-old fetus sucking its thumb,” has made abortion activists like us “necessarily a little bit apologetic,” she complained. “It’s not surprising that a lot of young people are not enthusiastic about abortion. They’re not enthusiastic about killing unborn babies.”

What’s more, she went on, it hasn’t helped that “most women who come to our clinics are there because they are in personal need, not because they are pro-choice.” So what is a self-respecting abortionist to do? For far too long, said Furendi, the abortion movement has let religious anti-choice extremists dictate the agenda. But now the time is ripe to claim that “abortion is right.” She touted the work of Catholics for Choice in undermining the Church’s moral authority.


Editor’s note: This woman is a dedicated Marxist and an ardent promoter of death, who would like nothing better than to make all men and women equally and totally miserable, until all of mankind eventually disappears from the face of the earth.

Not coincidentally, that also happens to be the ultimate objective of Satan, the devil!

Great Photos and News Coverage of the Pope’s Visit to Scotland

Click here for some great photos and news coverage of the Pope’s visit to Scotland.

Scotland has done us all proud; suddenly the anti-Catholic campaign has lost its power

… It was clear that all the last minute attempts to wreck the visit had failed; the sheer warmth of that Scottish welcome had swept all that away. There were some splendid touches; Cardinal O’Brien’s production of a load of scarves in the specially commissioned Papal tartan was a brilliant idea, as was the very notion of a Papal tartan; and to drape a scarf over the Pope’s shoulders, so that he rode through the streets clad in tartan (the wearing of which, remember, was made illegal after the final defeat of attempts to place a Catholic pretender on the throne) was a stroke of historical genius.

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Susan Boyle’s ‘wildest dreams’ come true as she sings for the Pope

Singing sensation Susan Boyle said the chance to sing in front of the Pope at an open-air Mass is “beyond her wildest dreams”.

The 49-year-old is performing three songs, including her smash hit I Dreamed A Dream, which catapulted her to fame on TV’s Britain’s Got Talent.

Boyle, from Blackburn in West Lothian, has already sang her hit song at Bellahouston Park in Glasgow, ahead of the Pope’s open-air Mass. She will perform again infront of 65,000 people.

Speaking about what the event meant to her, she told BBC Reporting Scotland: “It’s hard to describe it. It’s hard to put into words, really. But it will be a very humbling experience, a very indescribable experience. It’s beyond my imagination, beyond my wildest dreams.”


Bad vibes about the Pope’s upcoming trip to Scotland

Are the Scottish Catholic bishops putting enough effort into preparing for the Pope’s visit? Do some of them secretly wish he wasn’t heading north of the border?

That might seem a crazy suspicion to harbour, but I’m picking up some seriously bad vibes about certain Scottish bishops’ apathy and unpreparedness for the visit. “Basically, they can’t be bothered with it,” says a church source. “They want an easy life, and Benedict spells trouble for them.

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