A question about the Holy Eucharist

Question: To any normal person, this sounds very much like the script of a gruesome horror film. The whole idea of “eating Jesus’ body” and “drinking his blood” is grotesque in the extreme. What do you believers have to say about this?

Answer: The Jews were required to eat the flesh of the Passover Lamb, ever since God liberated them from slavery, in Egypt.

Christians have been required to eat the risen and glorified flesh and blood of Jesus Christ – the true, Lamb of Godever since he liberated all of mankind from perpetual slavery to Satan, sin and death by his atoning sacrifice on the cross, at Calvary and his subsequent, glorious resurrection from the dead.

This is an essential part of a uniquely powerful Eucharistic Celebration/Commemoration (known as the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass) where we Christians joyfully, thankfully and powerfully receive the body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ (known as “The Real Presence”) under the more palatable and aesthetically pleasing auspices of ordinary bread and wine.

To put it even more simply:
This is merely one more extraordinary and awesome example

of God’s total self-giving for our salvation.

For those in the know, who possess at least a modicum of true faith, this is historically and traditionally consistent, logical, rational and supernaturally nourishing.

For others, it remains a total mystery and a scandal.

Asked and answered today on Yahoo!Answers. Edited for clarity and content.

Jesus was God sent by God so he could sacrifice Himself to God?



Q: Jesus was God sent by God so he could sacrifice Himself to God?

A: It’s called “God’s total self-giving for our salvation.”

And Jesus didn’t necessarliy sacrifice himself TO God.

Jesus sacrificed himself FOR us, at his Father’s request, since that was pretty much the ONLY way mankind could be redeemed.

Jesus’ heroic and selfless act of perfect obedience and charity … AS A MAN … IN THE FLESH … resulted in the destruction of Satan’s evil dominion … freeing mankind from eternal slavery to Satan, sin, and death.

And since that’s precisely why Jesus was sent … it certainly pleased God the Father … so He subsequently made grace, forgiveness, and peace available to all of humanity … through his divine Son, of course.

Don’t knock it.