How about modernist, loose-lipped popes?

Pope warns of fallout from poorly trained priests

Pope: Vocations are born from openness to the love of God

And vocations are destroyed by corrupt seminary administrators who refuse to teach the authentic Catholic faith, and who deliberately screen out good men.

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Book Selection: Goodbye, good men: how liberals brought corruption into the Catholic Church – By Michael S. Rose

Transcendental Meditation being taught at Catholic schools and seminaries

There was a large group of mediators of the Transcendental Meditation and TM Sidhi program who met at the Maharishi University in Iowa for a few weeks of meditation. Social scientists with the TM movement reported it as a success.A big wave for peace. It was called a World Peace Assembly. I recall during that period there was a gruesome murder there. I wondered if it was caused by the group meditation there.

Transcendental Meditation is being taught at Catholic schools and seminaries and there are religious who practice it.

I was invited to a Catholic seminary to teach this technique, along with another TM teacher.A bishop tells me that the batch that learned TM, whom we taught, has emerged the worse of the seminarians over that period of time.

I personally know five priests from that batch who have left the priesthood and got married. Three of them are Franciscans who have married and joined a Protestant community in England. The other two were diocesan priests.

I assisted TM teachers in teaching the technique at a Catholic school in Bangkok. The principal was a Catholic religious sister and she told me that she was open to these meditation techniques.I was a liberal too at that time and was happy to meet her.

Much of the scientific research on TM, which impressed religious I knew, comes from scientists actively working for the TM movement. If there are some negative results Maharishi would expect them to gloss over it.

Maharishi tried to introduce TM in a big way in the Philippines. He had the approval of the political leaders in that Catholic country. There were a group of students however who opposed the teaching of TM in Catholic schools there. Maharishi chose not to enter into a controversy and the TM teachers left. Hundreds of Catholic seminarians had completed the TM teachers course. They all left and none became teachers.

In the article I read last week in Il Settimanale di Padre Pio on Freemasonry,written by Fr.Siano F.I the word hirim is associated with Satan. Interestingly Fr.Siano mentions Buddhism and the Left Handed Path. Hindu gurus themselves ask mediators to avoid the dangers of meditation and the left handed path. This is associated with Tantra Yoga or Kundalini Yoga. The meditation techniques of Rajneesh, which uses a meditation linked to ones sexuality is one of these techniques. The connection between sexuality and the mind in meditation is also noticed in the TM-Sidhi program, the advanced technique.It includes ‘hopping’, a form of bouncing from the waist while sitting in the half lotus position. It has a physical component and is not to be confused with levitation.

The advanced meditation is not taught to those who are unstable or have an addiction to liquor,drugs etc.

The long hours of meditation with a free flowing mantra without the support of Jesus and the Church and without any guru, as is the case of some many people in the West, gives Satan an opportunity to influence the meditator.

So one can degenerate with meditation and assume that it is just stress release or the nice feelings are higher states of consciousness or the absence of any thoughts for a few seconds is the experience of Absolute Being. However it could be the present of an evil spirit in ones person.These are all false paths. They cannot give you the experience of God as known to Christians.

They may provide relaxation but one cannot experience the states of ecstasy known to the saints Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross. There cannot be the experience of God Consciousness without Jesus in the Catholic Church.Outside the Church there is no salvation.

St. Francis of Assisi had the highest levels of mystical experience and also the stigmata.It was through suffering and the grace of God within the Catholic Church.It was through the Cross and not comfortable living with promises of quick experiences of bliss.

The scientific research on TM does not mention that long periods of meditation cause bodily changes and make one addicted to these techniques for the rest of ones life. The TM movement projects the meditation technique positively and never mentions the negative effects to body, mind and soul. Neither in public is the influence of the occult recognized. -Lionel Andrades

Photo of the puja taught at Catholic schools and seminaries

The good, the bad, and the ugly about the Catholic Church scandals.

The church is in a crisis. That much is obvious. We are just beginning to find out the sordid details of what some in the Church have been doing for the last few decades. Here are some tell-tale items, in case you haven’t heard.

Over a billion dollars has been paid by the Catholic Church for out-of-court settlements having to do with sexual scandals. The Boston dioceses has just discovered another 250 cases of sexual predation among its priests. Archdiocese all over the country have similar problems. The Sante Fe diocese is almost bankrupt due to fewer than one hundred lawsuits against its priests and bishop. Lloyds of London, the Sante Fe diocese insurer, refused to pay out any more insurance claims because the Church, “continued to give parish assignments to priests with a history of sexual abuse”(Our Sunday Visitor, Feb. 27, 1994, p. 5).

The Chicago diocese has paid out multi-millions in lawsuits. Philadelphia, New York, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Baltimore, San Jose, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, and many other cities are experiencing the same. The problem is widespread. The National Catholic Reporter in the early nineties stated that, “10 percent of priests report a sexual approach from a priest while they were in training…spiritual directors, novice masters, seminary professors often introduce sexual contact into the context of their spiritual office” (NCR, Sept. 7, 1993, p. 7). Others say the numbers are much higher.

Canon lawyer Fr. Thomas Doyle, who co-authored the Doyle-Moulton-Peterson report on sexual abuse among the clergy, estimated in 1990 that 3,000 priests were “currently involved sexually with minors.” They also estimated that about 12,000 priests were involved with adult women, with thousands of paternity suits filed against them. They estimated that 6,000 priests were involved with adult men in homosexual relationships (ibid). The total of all three categories is 21,000 priests involved in some type of illicit sexual relationship, out of approximately 47,000 priests. The total is 45% – a number far higher than the 1-2% you hear from some apologists trying to downplay the present crisis by focusing only on pedophilia cases. Twelve years later, the statistics are only worse. Crisis Magazine, in the October 2001 issue, documented that every one of the 188 Catholic dioceses (some say 193 dioceses) in the United States have faced, or are facing, claims of priests in illicit sexual relationships.

Behind the pedophile scandal, however, is the real engine driving this present immorality: homosexuality. Although it is rarely mentioned by the media for fear of the backlash from the gay community, pedophile priests are primarily homosexuals merely using young boys as their favorite targets. In contrast, there are few cases of pedophile priests molesting young girls.

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George Weigel on the clerical abuse scandal and the John Jay Report

A Church that was not in doctrinal and moral confusion from the late 1960s until the 1978 election of John Paul II might have been better armored against the worst impacts of the sexual free-for-all unleashed in the mid-1960s. A Church that had not internalized unhealthy patterns of clericalism might have run seminary programs that would have more readily weeded out the unfit. A Church that placed a high value on evangelical zeal in its leadership might have produced bishops less inclined to follow the lead of the ambient culture in imagining that grave sexual abusers could be “fixed.” All that can, and must, be said.

But if the Times, the Globe, and others who have been chewing this story like an old bone for almost a decade are genuinely interested in helping prevent the crime and horror of the sexual abuse of the young, a good, long, hard look will be taken at the sexual libertinism that has been the default cultural position on the American left for two generations. Catholic “progressives” who continue to insist that the disciplinary and doctrinal meltdown of the post–Vatican II years had nothing to do with the abuse crisis might also rethink their default understanding of that period. The ecclesiastical chaos of that decade and a half was certainly a factor in the abuse crisis, although that meltdown is not a one-size-fits-all explanation for the crisis and the way it was handled.

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Was Pope John Paul II a Reformer? Author says, “Nope!”

While it is true that John Paul II did not create the on-going homosexual and pederast world-wide scandal in the Church, his gross malfeasance and dereliction of duty on these matters once he became pope was certainly a contributing factor to the crisis. Not only did he appoint numerous homosexual and pro-homosexual bishops and cardinals, but he also failed to act as the good shepherd for his flock when faced with thousands of cases of clerical sexual abuse of children and youth, and vulnerable adults including the mentally and physically handicapped, seminarians and female religious novices and nuns.

As McCauley says: when a Catholic seminary is forced by the local Board of Health to expel a whole class of seminarians because inspectors have traced a mini-epidemic of syphilis to the lavender palace and are threatening to close down the entire seminary as a health hazard, the pope had to know he had a problem on his hands that required immediate attention and action. [9]

When, under John Paul II’s watch, a Superior General of an African diocesan congregation complained to the local archbishop that 29 sisters of the order had become pregnant by priests in the diocese, she and her councilors were dismissed and replaced by new leadership. The pope took no action against the archbishop or the criminal priests. [10]

In 1983, the pope appointed Robert H. Brom, Bishop of Duluth, Minnesota. Brom was part of the Bernardin/Roach “gay” clique at Immaculate Heart Seminary in Winona, where select seminarians routinely handed out sexual favors to the prelates knocking on their door. Hush money was paid out to avoid “scandal” which included Brom’s catamite relationship with young seminarians. At least two outside bishops were involved in brokering the various settlements and the Apostolic Nuncio in D.C. kept the pope and other Vatican offices informed of the progress of the negotiations. Instead of stripping Brom of his titles and sending him to a desert monastery for a life of reparation and penance, on July 10, 1990, John Paul II rewarded Brom with the Diocese of San Diego. [11]

Are these the actions of a “saint?”

Defenders of the John Paul II claim that he did not know what was going on, But any schoolboy with a basic 101 knowledge of Vatican politics and intelligence, knows this is simply not true. Few world leaders are better informed on matters pertaining to their office than the Pope.

McCauley refers to John Paul II as a pope in denial, and this criticism was true of almost every area of his life especially those which called for immediate and decisive decision-making such as disciplining clerical criminals and perverts, including those with miters.

[9]  McCauley, p. 269-270.
[10]  Ibid., p. 270.
[11]  Ibid., pp. 265-266. See also Randy Engel, The Rite of Sodomy, NEP, Export, PA., 2006, or, pp. 854-861.

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“The Priesthood” by Father Peter Joseph

Introduction by Eamonn Keane

…Given the widespread misunderstanding regarding the origin and nature of the ordained priesthood both inside the Catholic Church itself and beyond, a problem that has been exacerbated by the clerical sexual abuse scandals of recent times, I thought it would be worthwhile to produce a series of articles on the priesthood. As the first in the series I publish below an article authored by Australian theologian Fr. Peter Joseph titled The Priesthood. The article was first published by the Catholic Adult Education Centre in Sydney in 2009 as INFORM 120: Faith & Life Matters. I am grateful to the editor of Inform for giving me permission to reproduce the article here in my RenewAmerica column. It is the first time it has been published online.

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Editor’s note: The most essential and primary role of the priest is to offer sacrifice to God, for the people. The Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Catholic Holy Eucharist is the primary reason that we Catholics, for our ministers, require nothing less than suitably ordained priests.

And while every Catholic priest is indeed also a minister … not every minister is a priest … since only suitably ordained ministers (ordained in and through the Catholic Sacrament of Holy Orders, by the Catholic bishop’s duly authorized, laying on of hands) receive (among other things) the power from God to change ordinary bread and wine into the body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ, at Mass.

The Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the holiest sacrament of the altar further underscores the fact that Catholic priests are true priests indeed … since at Mass, they offer up for us to God … nothing less than Jesus Christ … who remains the only acceptable sacrifice for the sins of the world.

Since priests carry on the ministry of Jesus Christ, literally acting in Jesus’ place … assisting the bishops in their task of teaching, sanctifying and governing … it’s not surprising that clerical failings and scandals wound so deeply the hearts of the Catholic faithful.

All the more reason we Catholics should demand strict oversight of our seminaries, and total accountability from those who are in charge of priestly formation and education … something which has been substantially out of control now, for several decades.