Fr. Z’s advice to seminarian: Smile a lot and keep your mouth shut.

From a seminarian:

I was wondering if you could offer some advice. I am what people in today’s church would call ‘ultra-conservative’ I love the Old Mass, Old Breviary etc. etc. I’m at a very [minor] seminary right now …. The problem is that in a year I’m going to end up being sent by my bishop to a warm and fuzzy pastorally correct seminary for theology.  I’ve seen many people who have a ‘traddy tendencies’ go there and come out very warm and fuzzyish, and most certainly do not want this to happen to me, however, the chances of me being somewhere solid for theology are extremely poor.

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Catholic seminary reporting highest enrollment in two decades

The influx of students has left the St. Meinrad School of Theology straining to find classroom and living space for the new seminarians and other students at the campus 65 miles west of Louisville, Ky.

St. Meinrad, which trains many future priests for dioceses in Kentucky, Indiana and across the nation, began the year with 121 students — its highest number since 1988.

Church leaders and seminarians said a combination of spiritual and practical factors are behind the growth.

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Tom Roeser on the Dan McCormack priestly abuse case

There was entirely too much rush from civil and moral judgment to protect those archdiocesan and seminary officials from their responsibility for McCormack in my view.

The whole thing was outrageous. Everyone… everyone… associated with this scandal has been promoted in one way or another-including the seminary rector who told the Sun-Times after the scandals rocked the Church that he, the rector, would ordain McCormack again. AGAIN!

Outrageous! The entire case wreaks with purposeful ineptitude… the seminary records of McCormack having “disappeared”… the rector being promoted auxiliary bishop of Chicago, promoted again to bishop of Tucson, promoted yet again to number two in the leadership of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

If that isn’t rewarding a person who… having expressed little remorse for his culpable toleration of clerical perversity isn’t disgusting… serving as a gift for malfeasance of duty… I don’t know what is.