Praying for rain: What Catholic bishops ought to be praying for is an end to California’s sinful apostasy


SACRAMENTO, CALIF. –  Catholic bishops called for divine intervention Tuesday as California endures what appears to be its third straight dry winter.

The California Conference of Catholic Bishops asked people of all faiths to join in prayers for rain as reservoirs in the state dipped to historic lows after one of the driest calendar years on record.

Some cities already are restricting water use, while prospects for another dry summer have raised alarm about agriculture and wildfires.


Editor’s note: Drought and famine are time-tested means for turning hearts and minds to God. In this, the State of California appears to be way overdue!  (No offense to faithful, Christian Californians.)

Father Z: If you sell a sacred thing which was blessed with a constitutive blessing, it loses its blessing and must be reblessed or reconsecrated.

Selling blessed objects is not necessarily a sin.  There are various decent reasons why one would sell a blessed object.  There are bad reasons as well.  Some things, such as statues or things of various age or artistic merit will have great monetary value.   Other things have a particular rareness or association which makes them valuable, even though they in themselves are not much to look at.

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What’s wrong with gay people? Does the Bible run your life?

Q: What’s wrong with gay people? Does the Bible run your life?
Whats so bad about gay people? They aren’t hurting anyone and why should it be your business how someone lives? It’s not like they chose to be gay.

A: “Gay” people are often very nice folks. Unfortunately, the things that they do are seriously disordered, sinful, and contrary to the natural law.

And whether that behavior is genetic or by choice makes absolutely no difference at all.

Lately, gay folks have spent an inordinate amount of time trying to get straight people to accept their deviant lifestyle, as though it was something to be proud of.

It’s not … and we won’t.

Keep it to yourself.