If only they were as interested in attending Mass and confessing their sins…

Sistine Chapel – The Last Judgment – Michelangelo

According to the Vatican, upwards of 20,000 people now jam into the relatively small room on a given day.

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New virtual tour of St. Peter’s plus other related sites available on-line

“To take the pictures is reasonably quick,” said Frank Klassner, Villanova professor of computing sciences, who provided technical assistance in the development of the virtual tours.

“To stitch them together, to put them on the Web takes much longer,” he said.

It takes from one to two weeks to process, color-correct and adjust distortions from the lens in the hundreds of photo images that are shot in one location, “so everything has crisp, clear lines, so you can zoom in to high-quality” photographic images of the basilica’s interior, he said.


St. Peter’s Virtual Tour

Sistine Chapel Virtual Tour

St. John Lateran Virtual Tour

Scavi Site Virtual Tour

St. Paul’s Outside the Walls

The Catacombs of Rome – pics and information only – no virtual tour

Note: these virtual tours are necessarily graphics intensive and internet pages may initially take a while to load, so please be patient.