Notre Dame Conflagration – Unique, Totally Gratuitous Opportunity for SSPX To Step Up

By Doug Lawrence

Probably the only thing more destructive than the recent Notre Dame Cathedral conflagration will be the proposed effort at rebuilding it and likely, re-purposing it, as a modern, multi-faith worship/welcome center, pretty much destroying any true sense of the original and authentic, Roman Catholic faith Tradition.

This is not to say that there has been much of that original Tradition in evidence there, for the last fifty years, or so. The fact that only a handful of broadcasters, politicians, Catholic Church officials, and Catholics, in general, have even mentioned Jesus Christ or the Blessed Virgin Mary, when speaking about it, provides ample evidence that what was once a revered “House of God” is now viewed as little more than another “cultural asset” of the state.

It turns out that the Notre Dame Cathedral isn’t even owned by the Catholic Church anymore and hasn’t been, for quite some time.

Perhaps now is the time for all of that to change. That’s where the SSPX (The Society of Saint Pius X) comes in – the group of conservative bishops and priests that rejected the Vatican II reformation, were excommunicated – then re-communicated – and now – are negotiating with the Vatican to be fully repatriated.

The SSPX people are originally from France, so they ought to have at least a few influential, political backers, still holding out, somewhere, in France’s “deep state” liberal government. Maybe they could even forge an alliance with the “Yellow Vest” people? Stranger things have happened, in service of God.

The plan is so simple that even a child could understand it: Purchase the ruined Cathedral from the French government, for say, one € (Euro) or whatever it takes; direct and supervise the entire rebuilding effort, according to the authentic Catholic Tradition i.e. classically beautiful architecture, artwork and statuary, faithfully reproduced in all the doctrine, worship and other activities taking place there – including the Mass of the Ages; raise all the necessary restoration funds; operate the Cathedral, going forward, without the need for any state funding, and most importantly – PROVIDE THE INITIAL “SPARK” THAT WILL REVITALIZE not only the old Notre Dame Cathedral, but also PARIS, FRANCE, EUROPE, THE CATHOLIC CHURCH and eventually, the WHOLE WORLD!

There’s more than a billion (alleged) Catholics throughout the world. Three “bucks” a piece ought to cover the entire “tab” – plus an ongoing, regular offering, to cover necessary future expenses and maintenance. Even if, as many suspect, only about ten percent of those professing to be Catholic actually are, thirty “bucks” a piece would not be too much to ask. Every Catholic in the world could contribute, according to his/her means and capacity.

What role (official and/or unofficial) should the (thoroughly corrupt) Vatican play in all this? ABSOLUTELY NONE! “Grass roots” Catholics should pay for it all and the SSPX should rise to the occasion – by the grace and power of God – and “get ‘er done”!

This, ladies and gentlemen, was the sum total of my Good Friday meditations on the Passion of Jesus Christ, our Risen Lord and Savior. What better day than Easter Sunday, for a “New Beginning”?

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A Catholic Canon Lawyer Explains: Are SSPX (Society of Saint Pius X) Sacraments Valid?

Q: What’s the canonical status of priests ordained by SSPX bishops, and what’s the canonical status of the sacraments they administer? –John

A: It would have been marvelous to be able to respond to John that the priests of the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX) were now fully united to Rome, and thus had a status comparable to the members of any other religious institute in the Church.  Sadly, however, this is not the case!  While Pope Benedict was clearly hoping to reconcile the SSPX to the Church during his papacy, the fact is that this important item on his to-do list was left unfinished when he resigned in February.

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Conservative Catholic concerns about Pope Benedict XVI, the Society of St. Pius X, and the future of the Catholic Church

Pope Benedict XVI, whose first allegiance has always been to the modernist New Theology, appears to be no different from the Cardinal Ratzinger who praised Vatican II as a counter-syllabus, and who stated emphatically, “there must be no return to the syllabus”.[4] This was particularly evident in his December 22, 2005 speech to the Roman Curia where he continually praised Vatican II’s religious liberty as the new gold standard for Church-State relations.[5] The allegiance to Vatican II’s new world view is also evident from other papal addresses in which he calls for a “healthy secularity”, which could not be more repugnant to the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ as advanced by the pre-Vatican II Papal Magisterium.

The fact that this December 22 speech denounced the “hermeneutic of discontinuity and rupture” is nothing on which to pin much hope. For years, Cardinal Ratzinger has lamented various bad interpretations of the Council. But Cardinal Ratzinger’s solution has never been a return to pre-Vatican II tradition. Rather, time and time again, his answer is to go back to discover the “true” teaching of Vatican II. Cardinal Ratzinger’s —and now Pope Benedict XVI’s — solution to the present upheaval is to return Catholics to the same liberal, ambiguous Vatican II documents that produced the crisis in the first place.

A return to Quas Primas, a return to the Oath Against Modernism, a return to Blessed Pius IX’s Syllabus of Errors plays no part in any “restoration” Pope Benedict may advocate. The Benedict XVI of today is the same Cardinal Ratzinger of yesterday. The New Theology of Vatican II is still the center of his universe.

Thus, the question forms on the lips of concerned Catholics: How would a “reconciled” SSPX be able to operate freely under the aegis of the modernist New Theology, when the entire reason for the SSPX’s existence is to publicly oppose this destructive New Theology?

This indeed is a sticking point, and one that would be fatal for the SSPX to compromise on in any way. Yet there seems little doubt that the SSPX would be expected to “give a little” to the Vatican regarding acceptance of the Council.