EU Commissioner Reding: “We only finance the gay lobby, but we have no influence on its activities.”

It is of course very good that the EU is committed to fight discrimination. But ILGA-Europes campaign for sodomist “marriages” is not a fight against discrimination. It is in actual fact a quest for legal and fiscal privileges for people with a particularly decadent lifestyle, at the expense of the rest of society. This is certainly not within “the powers conferred on the EU by the Treaties”.

Also, it is patently absurd that “ILGA Europe’s goals are in line with the principles enshrined in Article 19 of TFEU”, given that this provision lends no support at all to sodomist “marriages” or “families”.

But the culmination of absurdity is reached when Commissioner Reding asserts that the Commission’s role consists in providing the money, but that it has no responsibility for any of the organization’s activities.

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