It’s time to make Father Pavone a special Vatican envoy for Pro-Life

by Doug Lawrence

Let’s put all the petty conflicts behind us and look at the big picture.

Nobody has done a better job of working for the pro-life cause than Father Frank Pavone.

He’s developed an effective, national organization.

He’s an eloquent, inspiring speaker.

He’s politically well connected (both inside and outside the church) and he knows his way around Washington, DC.

He works well with Christians of all persuasions, as well as Jews and Muslims. (Certain Catholic bishops excepted.)

He’s a Catholic priest in good standing, and also a good man.

Let’s create a Special Pro-Life Military Diocese, just like the one we have for the U.S. Armed Forces.

Let’s make Father Frank the bishop in-charge, let him go about recruiting and training good, pro-life men to be priests, and good pro-life lay people to help get the work done … and then, let’s all get busy saving the babies!