The Apostleship of Prayer and the Art of Offering It Up

On Oct. 15, 1885, a 12-year-old girl by the name of Thérèse Martin joined the Apostleship of Prayer. We know her today as St. Thérèse the Little Flower. Before she became a Carmelite nun, she learned this spirituality of the Morning Offering. In her autobiography she tells the wonderful story about a convicted criminal who was about to be executed, completely unrepentant and bitter, and she began offering up little sacrifices for him. At the last minute, he turned and grabbed hold of the priest’s hand as it was being held out to him. The priest was holding a crucifix. He grabbed the crucifix and kissed the wounds of Jesus three times. Thérèse saw in this the answer to her prayers: that through her offerings of prayers, sacrifices and works this man repented at the last minute. This is the spirituality of “offering it up” that is at the heart of the Apostleship of Prayer and the heart of the Eucharist as well: where we offer our lives with Jesus to the Father in every Mass.

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What if St. Theresa Could Fly – In Space?


St. Thérèse Relic Makes Space Flight


NEW CANEY, Texas, NOV. 20, 2008 ( St. Thérèse wrote that she wanted to be a missionary on every continent simultaneously and reach the most remote islands — now her dream has extended to space flight.

The Carmelite community of New Caney, Texas, enjoys the friendship of Colonel Ron Garan, who was on the May 31-June 14 Discovery shuttle mission.

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