Neither the condemnation of error, nor doctrine for that matter, ought to be considered the enemy of evangelization.

As reported by Zenit, speaking today before a gathering of some 350 Jesuits in Rome at a Mass of thanksgiving commemorating the Holy Father’s decision to canonize the first Jesuit priest, Peter Faber, the Bishop of the Diocese of Rome said:

… there is a temptation “that maybe many of us experience” of “linking the proclamation of the Gospel with inquisitorial beatings of condemnation. No, the Gospel is preached gently, fraternally , with love.”

Who exactly is he talking about, these “many of us” who are tempted to engage in “inquisitorial beatings of condemnation”? One thing is certain, he sure as heck isn’t talking about his brother Jesuits.

In any event, while the pope is simply remaining true to form in addressing the bad behavior of make-believe bogeymen, I suspect that this particular comment is related in some manner to another of Francis’ more prevalent tendencies; namely, his unbridled hostility toward those traditional Catholics…

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Standard issue Jesuit revolutionary propaganda?

… Bergoglio/Francis’s attacks on “triumphalism” are nothing new. As with almost everything else that comes down from his warped Modernist mind and out of his mouth or onto a computer keyboard, Bergoglio/Francis’s screeds about traditionally-minded Catholics are simply standard issue Jesuit revolutionary propaganda that was minted in the late-1960s and popularized in the 1970s before the “cold chill” from in from the “Polish ‘pope'” who, they believed, wanted to “stifle” theological discussion and academic freedom.

An inquiring mind, though, could ask the following questions of Jorge Mario Bergoglio/Francis about his triumphalist straw men.

First, Jorge, identify just one of these triumphalists. Just one. Name names. Be specific.

Second, name the speeches and identify the liturgy and the pastoral theology that supposedly prove your claim that triumphalists do not “believe in the Risen Jesus.”

Third, do you believe in the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary?

Fourth, do you believe in the Triumph of the Social Reign of Christ the King?

Fifth, if not, do you mean to condemn those who adhere to the immutable truths contained in the Sacred Deposit of Faith and who defend the beauty of the Immemorial Mass of Tradition for the honor and glory that it gives to the Most Blessed Trinity in a fitting, reverent and, just by the way, valid and thus sacramentally fruitful unbloody perpetuation or re-presentation of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ’s offering of Himself on the wood of the Holy Cross to His Co-Equal and Co-Eternal God the Father in Spirit and in Truth?


Editor’s note: This article was posted on a noted sedavacantist website, but the writer makes points worth considering. There’s more – but I warn you – it is blunt and not at all flattering or respectful.

I’m posting this because it’s important to realize that we Catholics have heard and seen all this before – in the bad old days of the late ’60’s and 70’s – as the Catholic Church was being violently deconstructed, right before our eyes.

It’s time we Catholics quit tolerating the shameful antics of highly placed heretics, since at least some of us are indeed capable of discerning the difference between fakers presenting cleverly crafted bundles of lies and authentic men of God teaching Catholic truth.

One more thing: Beware of any Catholic cleric making use of the word “pastoral” – which has become the “phony”  justification and “catch-all” excuse for the many failings and shortcomings of those who have been running the Catholic Church into the ground, for the past 50 years.