“Christian influence on public life is not required and therefore must be repressed.”

Religious oppression grew outside the United States and became increasingly violent. While America enjoyed a relative peace, other nations were consumed by strife, civil war and religious oppression.

Sound eerily familiar? Read more of Catholic history.

What Constitutes Authentic Catholic Tradition?

by Doug Lawrence

People often have a hard time defining precisely what constitutes authentic Catholic Tradition.

To put it simply, authentic Tradition is the means by which the Holy Spirit infallibly guides the Catholic Church, from age to age.

Catholic Tradition is the collective result of all the grace, love, wisdom, discipline and self-sacrifice of Jesus, Mary, St. Joseph, the Apostles, and every other truly faithful Catholic who ever lived … or ever will live … not forgetting to include the contributions of the Old Testament Prophets, Priests, Patriarchs and Matriarchs, as well.

Through that collective, God inspired Tradition, the Catholic Church has been successfully preserved … in spite of constant scandal and strife … for the purpose of the salvation of every person, of every generation.

With Pentecost Sunday coming up, it’s good to reflect on such things … especially in light of certain “novel” teachings by the post-Vatican II popes and bishops … teachings which often had no basis at all in Catholic Tradition … or were actually contrary to that which the Catholic Church had always and everywhere, believed and practiced … and which (now) seem to be on the way to being (at least partially) corrected.

It’s also important to note that, due to the “Spirit of Vatican II”, “Change Came to the Vatican” some 45 years before “Change Came To America”.

We Catholics benefit immensely from almost 2000 years of authentic Church Tradition, and now we know (from painful experience) that liberal policies and politics can be just as damaging and destructive to a church as they can be to a nation.

That should be a lesson for all of us … whether we call ourselves liberal or conservative.