Obama on Supreme Court Nominee: There will be a “litmus test” and there won’t be a “litmus test”.

President Barack Obama, treading carefully in the explosive arena of abortion and the Supreme Court, said Wednesday he will choose a nominee who pays heed to the rights of women and the privacy of their bodies. Yet he said he won’t enforce any abortion rights “litmus tests.” Obama said it is “very important to me” that his court choice take women’s rights into account in interpreting the Constitution, his most expansive comments yet about how a woman’s right to choose will factor into his decision. – Associated Press (AP)

New Supreme Court Nominee Judge Sonia Sotomayor is Catholic, Hispanic, Female


Barack Obama, the ABORTION President appears to have deliberately chosen someone for the post who has precious little on file in terms of statements of personal position on key matters.

Let’s watch and see see what comes up!

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