The “spirit” of a key Vatican II document vs the “spirit” of the age

Posted at Connecticut Catholic Corner

What exactly is IN the Vatican II document “Sacrosanctum Concilium” (Pope Paul VI, December 4, 1963)? To be clear, I LOVE my Holy Catholic Church…I am just not very fond of all the things that came out of Vatican II.

Let’s take a look at a few items that might surprise you (I am not quoting the entire document, only parts). ALL the comments (in blue), and underline text are my own, as are the OPINIONS scattered between the Vatican II text. I would greatly welcome any clergy to correct me in my observations. So let’s get started.

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Past Conclaves and reluctant Popes: “Look what they have done to me!”


The 1939 Conclave was the shortest in the twentieth century, lasting only two days and having three ballots.  Eugenio Pacelli was elected on the third ballot. Perhaps betraying a certain reluctance to assume the papal office, Pacelli insisted upon a final ballot to make certain that he was elected Pope.

His reluctance was further indicated when his housekeepers saw him arrayed as Pope and he told them with tears in his eyes, “Look what they have done to me!” 

With Europe being engulfed by Fascism and Communism and the world on the brink of another Great War after only a two decade respite, it is easy to understand  Pacelli’s reluctance to step into the shoes of the Fisherman at such a time.  However, reigning as Pius XII, he proved equal to all the many daunting challenges he confronted.

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When Abby Johnson quit her Planned Parenthood career, she didn’t expect to receive more criticism from people in the pro-life camp than from those who are pro-choice.

The infighting has been her biggest surprise since joining the pro-life movement, she says.

“There are all these different facets of the movement [that] just argue constantly and that has been really disheartening for me,” Johnson says. “People ask me if I’ve been hit hard by pro-choicers, and I say no, I’ve been hit hard by pro-lifers.”

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