As a number which indicates completeness, the number three always identifies some important event in Salvation History.

In the symbolic language of the Bible, a three day period points to an act of divine intervention which impacts Salvation History.

Genesis 22:4 records that Abraham’s journey to Mt. Moriah to offer his son in sacrifice, as commanded by Yahweh, was a three day journey.

In the Matthew passage Jesus refers to three days, applying the significance of the three day period to His resurrection and man’s redemption.

In the Gospels Jesus often spoke of a three day period prophesying His sacrifice and resurrection.

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The Catholic Church, as mentioned in Holy Scripture

A city set on a mountain cannot be hidden: Mt 5:14

Body of Christ: Eph 1:22-23

Bride of Christ: Isa 61:10,62:5,
Jer 7:34,16:9,25:10,33:11, Joel 2:16,
Jn 3:29, Eph 5:23-24,31-32,
Rev 18:23,*21:2,**9,22:17

Church of the firstborn: Heb 12:23

Church of the Living GOD: 1Tim 3:15

City of the living GOD: Heb 12:22

Heavenly Jerusalem: Heb 12:22

Holy City: Rev 21:2

Holy and without blemish: Eph 5:27

Mustard seed: Mt 13:31-32, Mk 4:30-32, Lk 13:18-19

My Church: Mt 16:18

New Jerusalem: Rev 21:2

Pillar and foundation of the truth: 1Tim 3:15

Poor little one tossed with the tempest: Isa 54:11

Submitted by Bob Stanley