How the States Are Funding Abortion and How to Stop It

Sometimes it’s possible for us to become so obsessed with winning the war that we fail to win the battle right in front of us.

A few months ago I had the honor of serving with State Senator Mike Crane (R-Newnan) in the Georgia state legislature. In performing research for him, we discovered something that surprised many in the Georgia Right to Life lobby. We discovered that our state — and more than three-fourths of the states in the U.S. — are paying for abortions with their citizens’ tax money. We knew that this was happening on a federal level, but finding out about it at a state level was shocking. That means that most likely your pay check is helping to murder thousands of American babies each year.

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Obama and Planned Parenthood – A marriage made in Hell!

Thus, just over weekend, Richards was in Detroit stumping for President Obama and saying of those who have been vocal in their opposition to the abortion pills, sterilization, and contraceptives mandate: “These folks are against women, they are against working people, they are against the middle class.” (Notice how she skillfully avoided any mention of “these folks” being against killing pre-born children, taxpayer-funded abortions, and stark violations of the First Amendment.)

Added Richards, “President Obama stood with us, and we are going to stand with him.”

And that’s what it all comes down to. President Obama has stood with Planned Parenthood at every step along the way in his presidency. He funneled taxpayer money into their coffers, so they’re standing with him now.

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