Cardinal George can’t help parsing … parsing … parsing … making excuses … fixing blame.

by Doug Lawrence

Now, instead of standing his ground in the Pat Quinn/Personal PAC/Goodman affair, Cardinal George is blaming the Catholic Conference of Illinois for not giving him all the facts.

Let’s face it … this is the type of spineless behavior that let the Illinois abortion mess get so far out of hand, in the first place.

I can only imagine the elation of Pat Quinn and Terry Cosgrove, as they celebrated Cardinal George’s near total capitulation. They knew he would. The only question was “when”.

As for the Catholic Conference of Illinois … sorry guys … no good deed goes unpunished in the great, frighteningly liberal, Archdiocese of Chicago!

Cardinal George just threw you under the bus … again!   


Ilinois Governor Quinn gives keys to henhouse to pro abort “fox” Terry Cosgrove

Governor Quinn has just nominated Terry Cosgrove, president of Personal PAC — Illinois’ most powerful pro-abortion lobbying group — to sit on the Human Rights Commission.

That’s bad enough, but get this: Personal PAC donated over $400,000 to Governor Quinn’s campaign for governor last year!

This is pay-to-play politics at its worst!

Help stop this horrible appointment! Call the members of the Senate Executive Appointments Committee and tell them to OPPOSE Terry Cosgrove’s nomination to the Human Rights Commission.

You can get all the contact info you need right here:

Submitted by Eric S.