The moral obligation to participate in the eucharistic sacrifice on Sundays dates from the very beginning of Christianity.


The obligation to attend Sunday Mass exists. It is a commandment of the Church which binds under the penalty of grave sin. It exists for a specific reason and should be known and loved, so that the soul feels a need to fulfill it. The fact that it is a law helps to create a religious consciousness of this need, which, in turn, makes it easier to fulfill the obligation.

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St. Peter Julian Eymard on the importance of assisting at Mass


In order to comprehend the value of the Holy Mass, you must remember that this sublime act is in itself greater than all the good works, virtues, and merits of all the Saints together, the Blessed Virgin Mary not excepted, from the beginning until the end of time. For each Mass repeats (makes present for us again) the (one-time, once for all) Sacrifice of the God-Man Who, dying as man and as God, raising His death to the dignity of a divine action, gives it thereby an infinite worth.

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Michael Voris asks: Is Catholicism superior to other faiths … or is it not?

Here is THE question at the heart of so many issues within the Church today. And it really is as simple as this – Is Catholicism Superior to other faiths or is it not?

If you think it is .. then you are on the side of the saints .. not to mention The Almighty .. who established the Church.

If you think it isn’t .. then you need to leave it.

Not all religions are the same. In fact .. there is Catholicism and then .. all the others are false religions.
But there is such hesitancy today .. FROM INSIDE THE CHURCH .. to come out and say this plainly and simply. Why – it’s the truth isn’t it?!

Can people who say they believe the Catholic Church was founded by Jesus CHRIST HIMSELF Personally .. really walk around and say something like .. but all the other faiths are OK also.

Look .. Divinely established means just that .. divinely established .. which means that all the others are founded by men. This makes them false religions. Period. Yea yea. They have truthful aspects to them .. but any truth they have is first Catholic truth. Period.

God wants to be worshiped in one way and one way only and He Himself makes it quite clear HOW that is to be. Its found in the book of Malachi .. chapter 1 verse 10-11.

“Oh, that one among you would shut the temple gates to keep you from kindling fire on my altar in vain!  I have no pleasure in you, says the LORD of hosts; neither will I accept any sacrifice from your hands, For from the rising of the sun, even to its setting, my name is great among the nations; And everywhere they bring sacrifice to my name, and a pure offering;”

God has no pleasure in vain offerings. He tells the priests of the Old Testament that it will be the Gentiles who make the pure offering that he desires.

Well .. what is pure that can be offered to God for sacrifice? The only pure sin offering that can be made to God is GOD HIMSELF. This is what the Catholic Mass is .. the offering of the Son to the Father .. God to God.

The Catholic Mass occurs within the context of the Catholic Faith .. and since the sacrifice of God to Himself is the most superior form of worship there is .. then it follows that the Faith which believes this is the TRUE faith .. meaning .. by extension and quite logically .. that the other faiths .. all of them .. are false.

It’s just that simple.

The Second Person of the Blessed Trinity established this Church to be His Bride. He gave His life for Her. It is She He will raise from Her earthly dross to Her manifest heavenly beauty at the end of time and Her alone.

If you don’t believe this .. then get out .. and make way for those who do .. and most especially .. those who want to learn.

There is only one true religion. Period. And its not just a matter of faith or belief .. it’s a fact. Undeniably.
And please don’t start going on about silly notions of being unconscious Catholics .. and anonymous Catholics. It is precisely the backing away from this fact that has caused SO much problem in the Church these days.

Too many leaders in the Church have surrendered this truth so they could be more easily accepted .. for whatever reason. Their motives or intentions we leave to God .. the results are left for us to judge and the judgment is not favorable.

Catholic identity has been lost because the unique claim of Catholicism has been abandoned .. privately at least if not totally publicly.

Bottom line .. do you believe that Catholicism is the One True Faith .. or do you not? As Archbishop Fulton Sheen used to say .. “If you do not live what you believe, you will end up believing what you live.”

GOD Love you. I’m Michael Voris.

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Editor’s note: I wish Michael Voris would quit mincing words and just say what he means!