Exquisite timing and the saving work of God

The Rending of the Veil of the Temple
by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

Taken from LIFE OF CHRIST, Image Books, 1958

Our Blessed Lord had called His Body the Temple because the fullness of Divinity dwelt in it. The earthly temple of Jerusalem was only a symbol of Himself. In that temple of stone there were three great divisions. Beyond the court of entrance was a place that was called “holy,” and beyond it a place more secret still, which was called “the Holy of Holies.” The court was separated from the holy place by a veil, and a great veil also divided the holy place from the Holy of Holies.

The very moment that Our Blessed Lord willed His death: At that moment the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom. [Matthew 27: 51]

The very fact that it was tom from top to bottom was to indicate that it was not done by the hand of man, but by the miraculous Hand of God Himself, Who had ordained that, as long as the Old Law should endure, the veil should hang before the Holy of Holies. Now He decreed that it should be torn asunder at His death. That which of old was sacred now remained opened and manifest before their eyes, uncovered like any common and ordinary thing, while before them on Calvary, as a soldier pierced His heart, was revealed the new Holy of Holies containing the ark of the New Testament and the treasures of God. The death of Christ was the deconsecration of the earthly temple, for He would raise up the new Temple in three days. Only one man, once a year, could enter into that old Holy of Holies; now that the veil was rent which separated holiness from the people, and separated the Jew from the Gentile, both would have access to the new Temple, Christ the Lord.

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If Satan had known the outcome of Jesus’ death, would he have tried to prevent it?

Q: If Satan had known the outcome of Jesus’ death, would he have tried to prevent it?

A: Satan was clearly warned by God, in advance, in Genesis 3:15, so Satan knew the score, but by the time of Christ, Satan was so used to having his way with prophets and holy men (putting them to death, at will, with no repercussions) that he just got prideful and sloppy.

Satan was probably also totally thrilled when Jesus acknowledged him as the undisputed “Prince of this world.”

Furthermore, the parables that Jesus used to convey his Messianic message of salvation were divinely crafted so as to be (strangely) totally unintelligible to Satan and his ilk.

By the time Satan figured out that his Jewish and Roman minions had crucified the sinless Son of God, it was all over for him, except for the weeping and the gnashing of teeth … since nobody … not even the devil … had the power or the authority to take the life of a sinless man … let alone the only begotten son of the almighty and eternal God.

As his punishment, Satan lost everything that he had earlier gained from Adam’s fall, and he was left desolate … while Jesus, the “offended party” was subsequently raised from the dead and installed as the new and perfect head of all mankind … King of Kings and Lord of Lords … given all power in Heaven, on earth, and “under” the earth.

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