Tom Roeser shines the light of day on Chicago Mayor Richie Daley, his “common ways” and corruption

The Squid, my name for the writhing, living, breathing Democratic party organism here which has tentacles into all facets of life…big business, organized labor, liberal media and our Roman Catholic chancery, also equipped with an ink sac used to cloud the media waters so as to hide its intentions… has been worried—but is no longer.

Until recently it suffered from nervous upchuckitis because the city’s Irish Catholic Democratic royal family was threatened with possible prosecution for an indelicacy of seven years ago that everybody thought was tucked away.

The indelicacy is a death suffered when a 21-year-old, five-foot-four-inch 145-lb kid from the suburbs, David Koschman, struck the city pavement after being slugged in the early morning hours in what the cops called a drunken altercation one Spring night in 2004 near Rush Street, the nightclub district, purportedly by Rich Daley’s apparently uncontrollable thug-sized nephew, R. J. Vanecko who has been featured in brawls before.

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Roeser: Rahm Emanuel’s not Weird, Just a Squid pragmatist weasel born without a moral core.

The chemistry that tips the emotional lefty pool tables so the balls roll toward Obama caused Rahm Emanuel to get himself kicked out of the lunatic 3rd World insane asylum in the White House after he used 4-letter words to tell the incumbent to change his ways from the concept there is no patriotism but global–and rush to the relatively bucolic order of Chicago Squid politics to keep his sanity.

Emanuel’s not Weird just a Squid pragmatist weasel born without a moral core.

Last week he passed muster on his Chicago residency with the Illinois State Supreme Court. After all, its majority is Democrat and The Squid still has the “paid for” receipt—but still the vote was unanimous.

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Illinois is a Lefty Microcosm of the Nation

Here in Illinois…home of Barack Obama and The Squid…we’re on the lip of the precipice that overlooks the chaos that is Greece. Our government is completely Squid from top to bottom: Squid governor, Squid legislature, all Squid constitutional officers.  In fact it’s a good test laboratory for the nation and deserves a look-see at all its imponderable squishy-ness for it is nothing more than a microcosm of the nation.

The Squid legislature has just adjourned without having the guts to face up to the problem. The gap in our budget…as result of (a) a liberal Republican governor now doing time in the penitentiary…and (b) two Squid Democratic governors, one of whom may well join the GOPer in stir, Rod Blagojevich who is currently trying to taint the jury pool (he needs one dissenter to walk free) and who is trying to rope in Obama so as to pull the national administration down with him to get even  with fancied injustice… and the current Pat Quinn, as inconstant in belief as an airport windsock….is $12.7 billion in the red, $6.2 billion to get rid of the structural deficit and another $6.5 billion to pay off past due bills.
This hideous overspending is due to an outrageous plethora of “services”—huge salaries and pensions to public officials,  near criminal waste and abject media sympathy for anything remotely approaching “public services.”  High taxes have driven out industry. Undue tolerance for waste has turned stomachs. Result: the quality of candidates is abysmal and the mainstream media xx’s out all those as “reactionary and unelectable” who want to institute true spending reform.
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Tom Roeser on “the Squid” – Obama, Daley, and “The Chicago Way”

“The Chicago Way”-a method of bamboozling and backstabbing-is leading to disillusionment by significant portions of the Left with Barack Obama, the man it hailed as supposedly the most inspiring Democrat since Bobby Kennedy …

“A critical mass of influential people who once held big hopes for [Obama’s] presidency [have begun] to wonder whether they had misjudged the man,” she wrote. She added this:

“The Craig embarrassment gives these people a new reason… to conclude that he (Obama) wasn’t the person of integrity or even classiness they had thought, and, more fundamentally, that his ability to move people and actually lead… is not what had been promised in the campaign.”

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