Catholic hospital will heroically intervene to save babies lives by safely terminating 2nd trimester abortion procedures.

“Holding life sacred is a big piece of what we believe.”

A Chicago medical center has become one of the nation’s first Roman Catholic hospitals to adopt a practice of halting second-trimester abortions for women who change their minds after the multiday medical procedure has begun.

Working with two anti-abortion groups, Resurrection Medical Center, the largest hospital of one of Chicago’s largest Catholic health care systems, has put in place a practice that when a woman arrives in the emergency room with an activist seeking to stop a second-trimester abortion, she should be treated immediately. Since October, four women have arrived at the hospital seeking to halt their abortions, and three of them had their abortions stopped.

Members of the anti-abortion alliance — made up of the hospital, the Pro-Life Action League and The Women’s Center — tout the practice as a model for all Catholic hospitals. The hospitals have been under the microscope since December, when the bishop of Phoenix stripped one facility of its Catholic affiliation because doctors there terminated a pregnancy to save the life of the mother.

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Matt C. Abbott’s first column of the New Year

In light of the news that abortions in Illinois are at a 10-year high — click here for the depressing story — for those who reside in the Chicago area, I wanted to reprint the following (edited) item from my parish bulletin regarding The Women’s Center:

    ‘January 22 marks the 37th anniversary of the legalization of abortion which has resulted in the death of nearly 52 million innocent unborn babies in this country — one every 30 seconds. Legalization of abortion was promoted as supposedly a rare procedure. We can only estimate how many women have undergone tremendous suffering because of their abortions. The Women’s Center is a pregnancy resource center which has saved approximately 33,000 babies and their mothers from the pain of abortion in our 25 years of service. We offer them a choice other than abortion and provide counseling, material assistance, friendship and prayer support.

    ‘Volunteers are needed Monday through Saturday to organize and sort clothing donations. For more information, please call 773-794-1313.

    ‘We desperately need a used cargo van in good working condition.

    ‘We need diapers in sizes newborn, 4, 5 and 6. If you can organize a diaper-drive, perhaps as a service project for Scouts, Confirmation, service hours, etc., please call Peg at 773-794-3292 (for more information on diaper-drives only).

    ‘We also need new layette items, infant sleepers, crib sheets, bumper pads, new clothing for infants (newborn to 9 months) and winter coats and boots (especially for children). Due to space limitations, at this time we cannot accept any other clothes.

    ‘We need 7 baby cribs, odd crib parts for repairs, 3 toddler beds, infant car seats, 4 bouncers, 5 pack-and-plays, 7 strollers, 3 changing tables and 6 baby swings. It will be a great help if you can deliver these to us. For our address, or if a pick-up is needed, please call us at 773-794-1313.’

On a political note, I want to give a plug to Illinois Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Andrzejewski. Adam is staunchly pro-life, as are two of his sisters, Elizabeth and Nell, both of whom I’m fortunate to know.

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