The Perils of Progressivism


This timeline, along with these recent statistics, demonstrates that the eroding of family life in the United States is not something sudden, but rather the result of a gradual process of social change.

The events listed are not a random collection, but show a determined and coordinated decline of our culture, rooted in our changing understanding of sexuality, marriage and family, and even life itself (which is now a commodity, which can be engineered).

The link between contraception, abortion, and homosexuality itself can be demonstrated simply by examining the Supreme Court decisions concerning these issues, which in their opinions directly build one upon the other.

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History and Timeline of LA Archdiocese Abuse 1931 – 2011


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Timeline of Girl Scouts’ Connections with Planned Parenthood, United Nations & More

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First Anglicans are received into the Roman Catholic Church in historic service

Priests and worshippers from around 20 Church of England parishes converted to Catholicism on Saturday at a ceremony in Westminster Cathedral.

Three former bishops were among those confirmed at the service, which saw the first wave of Anglicans defecting to Rome to join the Ordinariate.

The Pope introduced the structure in 2009 to welcome disillusioned Anglicans into the Catholic fold after secret meetings were held at the Vatican with Church of England bishops, as The Sunday Telegraph revealed a year earlier.


Editor’s note: Some 500 years after King Henry VIII, this totally unprecedented, bold, creative move by Pope Benedict has now proved more effective than over 40 years of false, one-sided, post-Vatican II ecumenism. We haven’t seen something like this since the Berlin Wall came down, under Pope John Paul II … another surprising move that was shortly followed by the end of the Soviet Union.

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