Tom Roeser Funeral Details

Visitation will be Friday, 4 to 9 p.m. at Nelson Funeral Home, 820 Talcott Road, Park Ridge. A funeral will be at 11 a.m. on Saturday at St. John Cantius Church, 825 N. Carpenter St. in Chicago followed by burial at Interment All Saints Cemetery, 700 N. River Road in Des Plaines.


Tom Roeser, Catholic, dead at 82

by Doug Lawrence

I never met Tom Roeser, but through his extensive writings and his long, Chicago broadcast radio career, I felt like I did.

Tom was a Catholic, a Republican, a conservative, a media personality, a family man, a scholar, and many other things.

I read all his daily blog posts and also listened to his radio show, whenever possible.

Tom Roeser 1928-2011

Tom contended with the rich and the powerful on his own terms, suitably enlightened by the traditional Catholic beliefs and practices that he learned and perfected, way back when, with the help of his beloved Rev. Fr. Ernie. Because of this, and his extensive business and government experience, Tom was a hard guy to fool.

Much like the late Archbishop Fulton Sheen, Tom always managed to deliver his insightful messages with style and grace … coupled with an appropriate dose of humor.

Tom was a great guy. We’ll miss him … a lot. I would also like to extend my sincere condolences to the entire Roeser family.

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May Tom’s soul and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen. 

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Tom Roeser Funeral Details

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Tom Roeser Criticizes Milwaukee Archbishop Listecki for His Position On Madison, WI Union Stand-off.

CHICAGO — To the Most Rev. Jerome Listecki, archbishop of Milwaukee: What in the world possessed you to turn out a statement conveying the view of all the state’s bishops that comes down on the side of the amply well- paid union workers in Wisconsin?

I write as a labor union member in good standing ( American Federation of Television and Radio Artists AFL- CIO). Your statement maintains it is a plea for “ the legitimate rights” of public employees. Thus it was immediately snapped up by the liberal media as an endorsement of the well-paid public employees under the misleading rubric of “ social justice.”

Archbishop, where is the “social justice” when taxpayer- paid lawmakers flee the state to avoid a democratic vote in an era when citizens are rebelling against a looming public- pension crisis that threatens bankruptcy in cities,counties, and states — a crisis made possible by public employees, already protected by civil service and who cannot be terminated, who hold politicians hostage in their collective bargaining?

The crowd demonstrating in Madison claims to support democracy like the crowds urging democracy in Tunisia. In reality, they are antithetical to democracy, cheering dereliction of legislative duty, supporting the thwarting of the will of the majority by supporting the Democratic minority that has fled to Illinois.

Regrettably they are using your statement among others as a pretext — and tying Catholic theology to it.

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Editor’s note: Archbishop Listecki comes from Chicago, and he’s obviously been infected by Chicago’s liberal politics. Nothing surprising there. Nor is there anything surprising about one bishop refusing to criticize another. Politics as usual … Catholic style!

Tom Roeser: Liberalism has been called by some a mental disorder but essentially it’s a spiritual illness.

Probably the most bitter disappointment to me has been the stealthy takeover of the Catholic church by liberal theologians. They influenced the appointment of liberal bishops (you have to try hard to exceed the mysterious Bernardin whose history is as masked by liberals in the Church as is Obama’s school grades and early life) under the false rubric of “the Spirit [sic] of Vatican II.”

When I criticized my own bishop for allowing the USCCB, the bishops’ trade association which he headed, of cutting a deal to support ObamaCare he called me a “hate monger” the same week he conferred a reward on Fr. Pfleger for “social justice”—the same Fr. Pfleger who went on a tirade before a crowd gathered in front of a legally constituted gun shop, demanding the legitimate owner come outside or “we’ll come in and drag you out like the rat you are!” Then announcing over a loud-speaker that he—Fr. Pfleger—“will snuff you out!”—a threat of murder.

My bishop criticized me for using my own personal blog to express my views and urged advisory council members of a Catholic organization to get rid of me. This same bishop and the USCCB issued not a single word of complaint about the Congress’ repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell…while the organization lobbied extensively on its website and personally for passage of the DREAM Act.

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Roeser: While not all homosexuals are same-sex pedophiles, all same-sex pedophiles are homosexuals.

Allen contrasts two views—Benedict’s and that of Dominican priest Thomas Doyle who has been studying the crisis for years.  Benedict is indubitably right.  He goes straight to the heart of the problem—in “priestly formation” i.e. the theology taught in seminaries and lays the blame where it belongs on the heretical dogma of relativism which by downplaying good and evil and in Allen’s words “treating morality as a matter of weighing consequences” the door was opened to “justifying gravely immoral behavior including the sexual exploitation of minors.”   Allen you see ran a seminar on the issue with George Weigel.

Read Tom Roeser’s article

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George Weigel’s Observations

Catholic Citizens of Illinois Hosts Real Catholic TV’s Michael Voris

Michael Voris – 3rd from right

December 10th – Chicago, Illinois

Nancy W. Reports:

We had an excellent time today at Mr.Thomas Roeser’s Catholic Citizen monthly luncheon, wish you were there!

Michael Voris gave a fabulous talk, without notes! He even fielded some questions and gave very charitable answers, right off the cuff! It was very impressive.

It looks as though he has suffered through some personal losses in his life, which is usually how the Lord gets our attention.

I tried to Google search to find out more about him but could only find info on sites like Richard Dawkins, Jihad Watch and other Catholic haters, no Wikipedia.

The long of the short of it is, the innocent must suffer for the sins of the guilty, martyrdom. Of course, I’d like to get a few shots in first, but that’s just me, although I’m far from innocent!

Honestly, if you ever get a chance to hear Michael Voris, you won’t be disappointed. He’s really put his life on the line for the truth. Please keep him and everyone at Real Catholic TV, in your prayers.

Blessings ~ Nancy

St. Benedict, pray for us.

p.s. Also pray for Rev. Father Fanelli. He will be celebrating his 40th Priestly anniversary on January 9th!

Merry Christmas!

Link to Catholic Citizens of Illinois

Roeser: It’s high time for the Gay Lobby to come clean and acknowledge that what it seeks is not tolerance…which to an overwhelming degree it has and deserves …but approval…approval that can only come from those who forsake the Judeo Christian moral tradition.

In Genesis (19:1-11) and Leviticus (18:22, 20:13)  the word of God pronounces that homosexuality is condemned in the story of Sodom, that Paul inveighs against the practice in Corinthians (6:9), Romans (1:18-32) and in the first chapter of his first letter to Timothy.

Some theological revisionists have said the passages pertain to other evils but one has to grunt until his eyes bug out to adjust to that formulation.

The important thing is that Meeks, his church and overwhelming number of Baptists subscribe.   Pronouncing their beliefs anathema to Meeks’ mayoral election is a startling overreach by McClelland and a clear-cut sanction of what may well be religious bigotry by NBC.

And of course this scriptural condemnation is not only subscribed to by Baptists but the overwhelming number of Christians including by my own Catholic Church.