Catholic Bishop: Yoga, Tai Chi, Reiki may seem fine, but are spiritually dangerous to Christians.


These techniques are widely recommended as being good for fitness and relaxation, and few would at first see anything dangerous about them, Bishop Julian Porteous, one of Sydney’s auxiliary bishops, commented in his foreword to the book.

However, he warned, “The world into which the practitioner is introduced is inimical to the Christian faith.”


“Democrats for Life of America” – choose one, or all three: Trojan Horse – Oxymoron – Dirty trick.

by Doug Lawrence

It’s presidential election time, so once again we note the rise of the totally fictional and absolutely false Democratic Party front group “Democrats for Life of America” and their pro-abortion, pro-Obama leadership, exemplified by the likes of Douglas Kmiec and Tom Berg.

The only purpose this organization serves is to provide necessary cover for liberal Catholics (and others), whose consciences (rightly) bother them when they cast a vote for all too numerous, pro-abortion, Democratic politicians … many of them, Catholic.

Don’t believe a word these guys have to say. And don’t think they intend to make abortion rare … or safer.

Their true objective is much simpler than that. They want to sucker you into casting your vote for deadly, pro-abortion, Democratic politicians … and they want you to feel good about it!

Please do not infer from this a blanket endorsement of Republicans, the majority of which are also NOT truly pro-life.

How Catholic “gay ministries” serve the homosexual collective

“Gay Ministries” are Trojan Horses in the Catholic Church

The very fact that so-called “gay ministries” exist today in the Catholic Church in almost every major diocese in the world is a testimony to the ability of heretofore sexual outlaws to successfully organize, politicize and legitimatize sexually deviant behavior even within traditional enemy camps.

Of all society’s institutions, none is as important to the Homosexual Collective as organized religion, especially the Catholic Church. Religion is the supreme arbitrator and validator of human behavior. The secular State declares what acts are legal, but only the Church can declare which acts are moral and which are sinful. Hence, the Collective’s preoccupation with infiltrating, colonizing, and subverting the Church using the same strategies that have proven effective in the penetration of secular institutions in order to bring it under the Collective’s sphere of influence.

Clearly, under the leadership of Bishop Vera López, the Diocese of Saltillo in Coahuila has become the beachhead, the first secured area for political advancement of the “Gay Liberation Front” in Mexico.

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Answers to modern liberal critics of the Catholic Church were written long ago

How interesting that two of the best responses to Kathleen Kennedy Townsend’s recent op-ed in Newsweek, “Without a Doubt: Why Barack Obama represents American Catholics better than the pope does” (July 9, 2009), were published nearly forty years ago. What to make of it? For starters, it indicates the simple truth expressed long ago by the author of Ecclesiastes: “Nothing is new under the sun” (Eccl. 1:9). It also highlights what might seem, at first glance, contradictory facts: the beliefs of Townsend and Co. are both dangerous and dull. Dangerous because they are false and destructive; dull because they are clichéd and intellectually empty.

Dr. Hitchcock’s book is both a helpful overview of the turmoil of the late Sixties and a measured, devastating critique of the flawed and, yes, heretical perspectives of progressives who sought and fought to remake the Church according to the latest leftist ideologies and fads. One of the primary themes, as the quotes above indicate, is how progressives, in employing an ecclesiology that is thoroughly secular in nature and horizontal in scope, attack and destroy the heart of Catholicism, which is a life-changing, supernaturally-transforming encounter with Jesus Christ, who is King of Kings and—oh, by the way—the giver of the keys of the Kingdom to a certain St. Peter and his successors.

Dr. von Hildebrand’s book, which is a companion of sorts to his earlier (and equally excellent) work, Trojan Horse in the City of God (Franciscan Herald Press, 1967), covers similar ground as Hitchcock’s book, but more through philosophical critique and theological reflection. Especially notable, regarding Townsend’s essay, are von Hildebrand’s chapters on authority and democracy, especially “Democratization of the Holy Church,” where he states, “The idea that one can make the Church more accessible to the spirit of the times by this ‘democratization,’ or that this ‘democratization’ represents an improvement, has sometimes a pernicious, sometimes a naive character—but it is always an illusion. One can call for the democratization of the holy Church only if one has lost all sense for the true nature of this sacred institution.”

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