She said her abortion was 26 years ago and it was the best thing she’d ever done. Can you image living as long as she has and the only grand achievement she can claim for herself was having an abortion two and half decades ago?

She even remembered she was 40 days gestation at the time she terminated her pregnancy. Someone who is unaffected by something does not remember those types of details. Despite her forced smile and false enthusiasm for abortion, it was plain to see her pain. That pain also has a way of physically altering our appearance as well.

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Sinister art introduced into Catholic Church by the hands of enemies?

I’ve always been disgusted by the ugly, dark, thoroughly uninspiring religious artwork (if you could call it art) and architecture in Chicago’s Holy Name Cathedral.

Now, Joseph G. has been kind enough to direct me to a site that features ugly and possibly even Satanic artwork located in the Vatican and elsewhere, throughout the Catholic Church.

This stuff is really disturbing. And in light of the new, super ugly John Paul II statue in Rome, you really have to wonder what is going on with the people in charge.

Or perhaps the “art” simply reflects the evil spirit of the age!

See for yourself. Visit the site.

JPII’s 2nd miracle should be making his super-ugly statue disappear.

The starkly spare sculpture by a Rome-based artist, Oliviero Rainaldi, depicts the pope condensed into a massive mantle as if to envelop the faithful. It has been alternately described as a sentry box, a bell and a papal vespasiano, as Romans call a urinal. (Vespasian was the first-century emperor who levied a tax on urine, which was used for tanning leather.)

The crescendo of outrage grew so rapidly that Rome’s traffic cops had to be deployed to keep a 24-hour watch to ward off potential vandalism until video cameras could be installed on surrounding lampposts.

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New Rome statue of John Paul II captures ugly “Spirit” of Vatican II.

“John Paul Who…?”

“Mommy, look at that ugly looking Jesus!”

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